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Who We Are

Curtis and Jen

Hi from Jennifer, a working mum, & Curtis a working dad. We both love daily walking for fresh air and exercise.

We want to share our love for shoes and our tips for walking and hiking with you.  We do a lot of research to try to help walkers of every kind get the best advice and tips about walking for exercise.

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Why You Should Start Walking

Walking Exercise for Weight Loss

Walk & Lose Weight

Walking is one of the best ways to lose weight. It's not as taxing on your body as other cardio exercises likes running or weightlifting.

You won't burn as many calories as when you're running, but when you're overweight or have an injury, walking is the better option.


Walk & Get Healthy

Studies have shown, that people who walk on a regular basis have a better heart health than someone who doesn't do any sports.

Moderate intensity walking reduces the risk of high blood pressure and is as effective as jogging but without jarring the joints.

Walking Improves Your Mood

Walk & Improve Your Mood

Have you noticed your good mood after coming home from walking outdoors? Research suggest walking improves mood. 

Some researchers suggest, that walking may even treat depression. Walking enables your skin to soak up Vitamin D even if not sunny.