7 Health Benefits of Fitness Walking

With increasing numbers of health issues, more people are looking for healthier options of keeping themselves fit and supple. They want ways that are easy and doable on a daily basis. The gym cannot be affordable to all in terms of time and money. Most people prefer to walk towards a healthy body; let’s find out why!

Here are 7 Health Benefits Of Fitness Walking

1. Walk Your Way To Get Heart Healthy

Heart health is the most important health aspect that needs a lot of attention today. To keep your heart pumping in a healthy way, cardio exercises like walking are some of the best things you can do. A minimum of 3 hours of brisk walking per day would decrease the risk of getting heart disease by 30%. High blood pressure which causes stroke and heart-related ailments can be taken care of by regular health walking habits. If a person walks regularly while following a pattern, his risk of a stroke is reduced by 50% with no change in diet or any other additional exercise.

2. Weight watchers walk to Lose Pounds & Win Their Health

People who are obese or consider themselves overweight look for easy ways to reduce their weight as often as possible. Walking is one of the best ways for this, but only if it is done on a regular basis. Walking is not any leisure activity, the right dose of fitness walking helps to shed unwanted weight and balance the weight in the right proportions. Also, when done multiple times per week, walking helps to improvise the strength of your muscles – even if one loses weight. In the case of walking, losing weight never means losing health.

3. Stress Buster – Fitness Walking

7 Health Benefits of Fitness Walking 2
Does walking relieve stress?

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Walking is also considered as a stress reliever. Men and women who lead a sedentary lifestyle face the danger of leading a monotonous life that would make them mentally dull. Walking is highly beneficial for a person’s mental health. Mental health includes the ability to take everything in a positive stride. Walking acts as a stress remover for people who are emotionally disturbed.

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4. Bone and Joint Pain relief

Contrary to the popular belief; walking actually helps to strengthen one’s bones and joints. Some people may complain that they get bone and joint pains if they indulge in fitness walking. It is not true. Walking, in fact, reduces the chance of getting affected by osteoporosis. When compared to taking up aerobics or jogging or running, walking has a more positive effect on the people with low bone density. Regular walking for about 30 minutes a day can lead to a healthy individual. Walking also reduces the chances to trip and fall (this is relevant for older people).

5. Postpartum relief

For new moms, fitness walking helps in recuperating their health to the previous levels. Walking along with the newborn and the partner for a little time each day helps the new mother to gain confidence and her body back. Also, fitness walking helps in relaxing one’s mind in the midst of a thousand other things. It thus helps in relieving post-partum stress too. It is a healthy start for the new mother to get back to normal life.

6. Mood Improvement

Walking boost the Vitamin D production of your body. That’s why you might notice a general mood improvement when you start an exercising routine.

7. Cancer risk reduction

There were multiple studies published which suggest, that walking reduces cancer risk significantly.

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