What are the Best Men’s Shoes for Walking on Concrete All Day?

53% of the world’s population lives in urban areas. We live and walk in a concrete jungle; whether it is walking on the roads or on the concrete flooring in homes and offices. If you are standing or walking for long periods then it is worth buying a pair of shoes that will ensure you do not complain of sore feet at the end of the day.

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  • In the long term, walking on concrete with the wrong shoes can cause chronic back problems (see: Footwear for back pain), foot & knee problems, swollen legs, hammertoes, neuromas, varicose veins and osteoarthritis.

If you want know what the best shoes for walking on concrete are - read on, or:

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​How do we walk?

​Let us understand what happens when we walk. Wikipedia has referred to human walking as a double pendulum movement.

gait cycle phases

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In the first movement of the pendulum, your feet leave the ground, your leg swings from the hip and you move forward.

In the second movement known as the reverse pendulum, you heel hits the ground and your feet roll to your toes.

During walking one of your feet is always in contact with the ground. In the second pendulum movement it is estimated that your foot experiences the force equivalent to 1.5 times your weight when you walk and 2 to 2.9 times your weight when you run.

This force is amplified when you walk or run on an unforgiving surface like concrete.

​So how do you select a shoe that is right for you?

First let us understand that you are looking for walking shoes which are different from running shoes. The motion of your foot and the pressure exerted are different for walking and running and hence require two different types of shoes.

shoe shopping

Always buy a shoe at the end of the day when your feet are widened due to walking during the day. Buy your shoes in a store that has a range so that you can check out a variety before choosing one.

Always walk in these shoes to see if they fit you comfortably. The points you need to remember are:

  1. Length of the shoe: Measure both feet and measure it each time you buy shoes, the size of your feet changes with age. The shoe should be longer by ½ an inch from your big toe.
  2. Width of the shoe: Always wear your socks while you try your shoes. The width should be such that you toes wriggle freely and there is no pinching across the arch or ball of your feet. But at the same time your heel should not slip.
  3. Arch of your feet: Dip your feet in water and place them on a cardboard. If you see the whole feet, you have low arches and you need to buy a shoe with a straight sole and motion control to help stabilize your feet. If you see very little of your foot you have high arches (see:Top rated walking sneakers for high arches) you need to buy shoes which have high amount of cushioning. If you have normal feet look for shoes with a semi curved sole, firm midsoles and minimum cushioning (see a detailed explanation for this step in my guides about the best walking shoes for men and women).
  4. Flexibility: your shoes should be the most flexible near the toe, when you bend the shoe, it should bend near the ball and not in the middle. When you twist the shoe you should feel some mild resistance. There should be some support at the heels.
  5. Cushioning: Walking shoes do not require as much cushioning as running shoes but a small of cushioning adds to your comfort (see: Most comfortable walking shoes). The shoe should have more cushioning at the heel and the ball of your feet.
  6. Weight: Walking shoes should be lightweight and breathable (see: Lightweight walking shoes). But they should also be waterproof.
old walking boots and sneakers
  • Always buy new shoes after you have walked 300 - 600 miles (depending on your weight and usage of the shoe) in your old shoes.

Here are some of the Best Concrete Walking Shoes

​Let us look at some of the best walking shoes in the market today. These models are perfect for working, standing and walking on concrete floors.

Asics Gel Tech Walker Neo 4


  • Biomorphic Fit Upper so that the top part of the shoe is made from stretch material which does not buckle and cause irritation
  • Breathable mesh with a synthetic overlay will ensure that your feet feel fresh
  • Asymmetrical lacing design
  • Gel cushioning at the feet and the balls of the feet
  • Duo Max support system
  • Layers of personalised heel fit memory foam conforms and support your heel
  • Removable insole to insert a custom orthotic.
  • Available for men and women


  • Comes in only two colours
  • Liner under the removable sole is difficult to clean.

New Balance 847v2


  • It has a high instep, narrow heel and a wide and deep toe box making it ideal for people with high arches
  • The shoe has a graphite rollbar, medial post and TPU post for people with overpronation problems (see my post about good walking sneakers for overpronation)
  • ​Removable insole to insert a custom orthotic
  • Ortholite foam throughout the collar, tongue and heel for the custom fit feel
  • Inner liner is made of lightening dry fabric which prevents blisters
  • Synthetic mesh upper makes it breathable
  • Available for men and women


  • Stiff for people with normal pronation.
  • Not available in fashionable colours.

Brooks Addiction Walker


  • It has a narrow heel but a nice wide toe box to give that extra room for wiggling your toes.
  • It has MOGO Midsole which is an award winning cushioning where even after 500km of walking the cellular structure stays intact.
  • It also has fluid filled pads to add cushioning to the toes called the Forefoot Hydroflow technology.
  • It features Brooks signature PDRB triple which keeps your ankles stable while walking.
  • Its design is especially good for people with low arches and flat feet.
  • Leather uppers for easy cleaning and comfort.
  • Available for men and women


  • Only available in three colors

New Balance 928v3


  • It has a high instep, narrow heel and a wide and deep toe box making it ideal for people with high arches (Click here to find more shoe models for wide feet).
  • The shoe has an enhanced rollbar which gives added stability for people with overpronation and underpronation problems
  • It has ABZORB midfoot cushioning which is very comfortable especially for walking on concrete.
  • It has what is called a rocker sole so that the weight is distributed across the foot.
  • Leather uppers for easy cleaning and comfort.
  • Available for men and women


  • Stiff for people with normal pronation
  • Only 3 colours available- black, white and brown.

Whichever shoe you select, always keep in mind that you should feel comfortable while walking in them on all kinds of hostile surfaces and never experience pain or discomfort.

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