Best Supportive Flip Flops for 2020 – Good or Bad for Your Feet?

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The snow has long melted; the sun is getting its hat; those frightful, flat, flip flops of last year did nothing but harm your feet; your search for the best supportive flip flops is on. Right?

You yearn for some freedom for your toes; release from the confining, compressing shoes that winter and work impose.

Better weather and maybe some sunshine open the doors to the wide-open space of the inexpensive footwear fashion to mix and match your summer gear.

They’ve been around for millennia. In most of the world, the footwear of year 0 was flip flop style. Greeks rambled around in them, so did the Egyptians and the Romans, so they come with an impressive empirical history.

Somewhat less inspiring is their thrust into modern times thanks to the Japanese losing the war and needing an outlet for the rubber trade production that had come from it – exporting their flip flops called zóri to the US for trade.

Enough of history though, you just want to grab a pair of cool-looking or cute, mix and match flip flops to bum around in, right?

You might consider the raft of information on the hidden dangers as well as some good things in our tips and information section after the reviews.

Jump straight down the page to that section using the orange button below.

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Otherwise, let’s get to the reviews.

What are the Best Supportive Flip Flops for 2020?

Teva M Voya, Olukai Ohana, Keen Waimea, Vionic Toe Post Sandal, Footminders Baltra, OOfos Ooriginal, Reef Fanning Leather, Teva Voya, Orthaheel Bella Toe Post, Olukai Lala, FitFlop Lulu, Clarks Breeze Sea, New Balance Renew Thong, Skechers Zig Swag, Spenco Yumi, Orthaheel Tide 2.

The table below gives a quick view of the supportive flip flops reviewed in this article which cater to both men and women. Use the jump links in the table as well as in the reviews to jump up and down the page quickly and easily. Blue links are for men, purple are unisex, & pink for women.

Navigation Tables & Quick Look at the Best Shoes for Wide Feet

Best Supportive Flip Flops for Men in 2020

KEEN Waimea H2 Sandal

Vionic Mens Tide Toe Post

Best Unisex Supportive Flip Flops for 2020

Best Supportive Flip Flops for Women in 2020

Vionic Rest Bella Toepost Sandal

FitFlop LULU

Clarks Breeze Sea Flip-Flop

Best Supportive Flip Flops for Men

Best Fitting Supportive Flip Flop for Men

1. Teva Pajaro Flip Flop

Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on the Amazon product page at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.
Shoe Specifications
Style:Supportive Flip Flop
Length:7 – 14
Upper:Leather & Fabric
Insole:Supportive Foot Form


A triple textured flip flop with an amazing fit for a flip flop.

Super rugged soles for the most challenging of surfaces and offering the best sole protection in our list but not the most flexible.

Toe Post & Upper

An extra-wide strap for the upper provides a much better fit than the thinner straps that are seen on most flip flops.

As a result, this flip flop does not feel loose and move around underfoot and is constructed from leather and an open lattice fabric to keep the uppers aerated and your foot less sweaty.

The toe post is the typical curled synthetic material which works fine.

Footbed & Sole

The rubber sole is all about durability and is less flexible than the majority of the other flip flops reviewed here. Although less flexibility is available as you walk, there is the benefit of strength and resulting protection to your feet from stepping on something that might poke up through the soles.

The footbed is shaped anatomically and provides cushion and support throughout the flip flop and the curved shape makes it very comfortable to walk in.

This is a rugged flip flop.

Wrap Up

A very rugged sole beneath a great fitting upper for a superior secure fit.

Great underfoot protection and a well-contoured footbed for better support that fits your foot motion.

Comfortable and feels substantial with more manly ruggedness than the flimsy looking flip flops you see some people try to look cool in!

Teva Pajaro – Features of Interest

Good Things


Protective Sole

Great Looking

Superb Fit

Anti-Bac Treated

Not So Good Things

A Little Inflexible

Best Vegan Flip Flop for Men

2. Olukai Ohana

OLUKAI Men's Ohana
(As of:2020/05/30 3:28 pm - Details)
View at Your Local Amazon
Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on the Amazon product page at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.
Shoe Specifications
Style:Vegan Flip Flop
Length:7 – 16
Upper:Lined Synthetic
Sole:Rubber & EVA
Insole:Inset ICEVA


This mid-priced flip flop is a step up in quality from the budget Teva model reviewed above so what do you get for your extra money?

Better materials and better design are what you get!

Toe Post & Upper

The upper is a synthetic material that looks a little bit like leather but is not which will make vegans happy.

It's lined with a soft textile to reduce rubbing from the upper straps which is one of the extra comfort additions over a basic flip flop.

The toe post is formed in nylon and better shaped than the Teva, designed to fit more naturally between your toes and reduce rubbing.

Footbed & Sole

The insole to the Ohana is recessed into the EVA midsole and topped with a soft brush finish which will stop that annoying slapping sound as you walk – at least mostly anyway.

The EVA midsole is softer and more comfortable than the budget Teva as you would expect since the Ohana is getting on for twice the price.

AlThe outsole is rubber which provides a non-marking and more durable surface against abrasion and gives better grip in the wet.

Wrap Up

The brushed inset insole feels really nice underfoot and is made to go in the water and so is quick drying.

The sole provides good protection to most of the length of the shoe but is thinner at the front which adds to flexibility but reduces protection if you step on something sharp.

The shape of the shoe gives good arch support and also flex in the forefoot needed for walking.

The Ohana is a flip flop that is better suited to walking because of its flexibility and better materials used for the midsole.

A very popular, good looking men's flip flop.

Olukai Ohana – Features of Interest

Good Things

Excellent Ratings

Vegan Friendly

Quick Drying

Very Comfortable

Soft Footbed Lining

Works for Walking

Comfortable Lined Uppers

Good Support

Not So Good Things

Bit thin in the Forefoot

Best Mens Flip Flop to Protect Against Toe Stubbing

3. Keen Waimea H2

Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on the Amazon product page at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.
Shoe Specifications
Style:Toe Protector Flip Flop
Length:7 – 15
Upper:Lined Polyester
Sole:Rubber & EVA


Keen has made a flip flop that provides some toe protection which is the main stand apart feature of the Waimea.

This flip flop sizing is a bit small though so order a size larger than normal – more important since you don't want your toes hitting the toe protection at the end.

Footbed & Sole

The midsole is the insole so there is not much softness underfoot and if they get wet you may find your foot slipping quite a bit.

That said, the footbed is anatomically shaped with a little heel cup to help position the heel and foot in the shoe.

Good shock absorbance is provided from the EVA cushioned midsole which has a tougher rubber outer surface for better grip and durability.

Toe Post & Upper

The upper is polyester which is lined with a quick-drying comfortable liner to reduce rubbing issues on the instep.

The toe post is thin so will not rub but also does not give much purchase for your toes to grip on which is a problem for you if you do not get the right size.

Wrap Up

Good durability and support from the excellent outsole and midsole which doubles as the insole.

The uppers are comfortable and the wrapped up toe protection would be great if it were a little wider since your toes can find their way around the edges and so lose part of the protection if that happens.

This is a good flip flop from Keen but unless you are prone to subbing your foot, flip flops of a similar price with more comfortable insoles should compete hard for your cash.

A good but not great flip flop from Keen.

Keen Waimea – Features of Interest

Good Things

Great Footbed Shape

Good Arch Support

Comfortable Uppers

Toe Protection

Good Sole Protection

Good Support

Good Grip

Not So Good Things

No Soft Insole

Foot Slips Inside if Wet

Insubstantial Toe Post

Most Supportive Flip Flop for Men

4. Vionic Tide Toe Post

Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on the Amazon product page at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.
Shoe Specifications
Style:Orthotic Flip Flop
Length:7 – 14
Upper:Lined Leather
Sole:Thermoplastic Rubber
Insole:Padded Neoprene


This is undoubtedly the flip flop with the most support for men – in fact, it is a motion control flip flop.

If you are familiar with athletic shoes you will know motion control shoes are made for users with overpronation issues that commonly affect the flat-footed.

The Tide Toe Post is equally suited to those who want more substantial arch support or those with high arches who are not supinators.

Footbed & Sole

These substantial flip flops have really excellent support and are designed specifically for that purpose.

The footbed is designed by podiatrists with a deep heel cup to help properly position the foot and substantial support under the foot arches.

The additions still leave you with a lightweight flip flop and suit a slightly wider foot too.

The EVA midsole is an excellent shock absorber in the world of flip flops and has a thermoplastic rubber outsole for added durability.

The whole package provides one of the best available footbeds on the market for people requiring more than usual arch support.

Toe Post & Upper

The uppers are classy too being made from leather with foam filled linings to prevent rubbing.

The toe post is soft woven to reduce rubbing between the toes.

Wrap Up

Fullest arch support in the flip flop market specially designed for those requiring more than usual support under their foot arches.

Motion control design with a deep heel cup to promote a natural gait for overpronators and will suit neutrally gaited users as well.

Nice leather straps and a toe post that is more comfortable than most.

Durable but is not suited for wet activities.

Vionic Tide Toe Post – Features of Interest

Good Things

Excellent Footbed

Excellent Arch Support

Comfortable Uppers

Durable Soles

Top Arch Support

Not So Good Things

Not Meant for Water

Order up 1/2 Size

Best High Support Flip Flops – Unisex

Best Unisex Flip Flops for Overpronators

5. Footminders Baltra Unisex

Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on the Amazon product page at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.
Shoe Specifications
Style:Orthotic Flip Flop
Length:7 – 14 Men
5 – 13 Women
Upper:Lined Synthetic
Insole:Anti-Bacterial Lined EVA


Footminders is a company that specializes in specialty shoes and this flip flop is for people who are neutrally gaited but also for the flat-footed and overpronators amongst us.

Deeper than usual heel cups, higher than usual arch support and an anatomically shaped footbed to promote a natural gait alignment are all features.

Footbed & Sole

The flip flop has an EVA midsole that provides shock absorbance and cushioning to your stride.

A more durable rubber sole provides durability while a velour type lining to the cushioned footbed provides a drier and cooler feel to the feet and dampens any slapping noises as you walk.

The arch support is higher than usual and ergonomically designed to provide much better than average foot arch support.

There is even a large shock absorbing heel pad to provide extra shock absorbance under your heel as you land your foot and metatarsal support under the balls of your feet to reduce and distribute pressure there.

This flip flop for plantar fasciitis is an excellent all-round choice for those with metatarsal pain as well as people without any specific foot problem (yet) who need extra arch support.

Toe Post & Upper

The uppers are made from neoprene with padded linings to give the maximum comfort and reduce skin rubbing on the instep.

The toe post is simply a curled up extension fo the uppers.

Wrap Up

A flip flop for people with flat feet and high arches or simply needing more than normal support under their foot arches.

The footbed is anatomical with a heel cup and lined to provide a softer feel underfoot and reduce noise.

The uppers are fairly unremarkable except for the padded linings for comfort.

If in between size then order a size larger if you are a man and a size smaller if you are a woman.

Footminders Baltra – Features of Interest

Good Things

High Arch Support

Good Heel Cup

Comfortable Uppers

Durable Soles

Shock Absorbing

Not So Good Things

A Bit Plain Looking

Most Cushioned Flip Flop – Unisex

6. Oofos Original Recovery Flip Flop

Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on the Amazon product page at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.
Shoe Specifications
Style:Recovery Flip Flop
Length:3 – 14 Men
5 – 16 Women


The Oofos Ooriginal are designed to maximize shock absorbance and give the most cushioned underfoot feel.

The excellent foam used in construction provides much more absorbance and is incredibly soft and lightweight.

Footbed & Sole

Super cushioned footbed that is shaped to your foot to provide the ultimate in shock absorbance and a feeling of walking on cushions.

The arch support arrives from cradling the shape of your foot more than some of the more rigid forms of support that have less give. So arch support is great for normal arches.

Toe Post & Upper

The whole flip flop is synthetic and so water resistant and the uppers are a smoothed extension of the main shoe.

The toe post is rounded in section to minimize rubbing and chafing between your toes.

Wrap Up

An all synthetic washable flip flop with a rounded toe post.

Excellent shock absorbance and cushioning is the main selling point giving you a shock-free walk.

Very comfortable mid-range flip flops from a well-regarded brand. Recommended to size down if normally taking a half size for men and women.

Recover Faster. Feel the OO!

Oofos Ooriginals – Features of Interest

Good Things

Cradled Arch Support

Best Cushioning

Superb Shock Absorbance

Many Colors Available

Machine Washable

Not So Good Things

All Synthetic

Best Bottle Opening Flip Flop – Unisex

7. Reef Fanning Bottle Opening Sandals

Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on the Amazon product page at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.
Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on the Amazon product page at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.
Shoe Specifications
Style:Supportive Flip Flop
Length:5 – 11 Men
5 – 11 Women
Upper:Nubuck & Synthetic


The bottle opener in the sole is a bit of a gimmick but works perfectly well but rather undermines a flip flop that should be better regarded for its comfort.

The shoe has an air pod under the heel for excellent shock absorbance even if it appears to be a bit of a design rip off from another well-known brand.

Footbed & Sole

A good EVA footbed with integral heel air pod provides great heel shock absorbance and plenty in the rest of the sole too.

The footbed is molded to the shape of a normal foot which gives good support for people with normal arches or slightly flat feet.

Toe Post & Upper

The uppers are soft leather and man-made material with linings to reduce rubbing on your foot.

The toe post is a soft but strong material to fit naturally between your toes and reduce chafing.

Wrap Up

An excellent flip flop for people on the go and with the added bonus of a bottle opener in the sole which might come in handy and will anyway be a talking point at parties.

Notwithstanding the gimmickry, this is a competent and comfortable flip flop with good shock absorbance and plenty of arch support.

The flip flop is much better than you may initially perceive if you are anything like me and have become used to dismissing gimmicky products which usually turn out to be shoddy – these flip flops are not that.

Reef Fanning // Mick Fanning Signature Sandal

Reef Fanning Sandals – Features of Interest

Good Things

Shock Absorbing Heels

Good Cushioning

Very Comfortable

Bottle Openers for All

Anatomical Footbed

Not So Good Things

Ignore the Opener Gimmick

Most Laid Back Supportive Flip Flop – Unisex

8. Teva Voya

Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on the Amazon product page at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.
Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on the Amazon product page at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.
Shoe Specifications
Style:Supportive Flip Flop
Length:7 – 15 Men
7 – 11 Women
Insole:Supportive Foot Form


A simple flip flop from Teva which comes in a range of colors to the upper all with a black soft footbed.

Made for the most relaxed of days to a simple but effective design and acquiring very good ratings along the way.

Toe Post & Upper

The upper is made from polyester which is durable and with limited give in the material allows you to shove your foot in for fit.

The shoe color variations come from a range of colors used for the uppers, retaining the black soft footbed underneath.

The toe post is formed in the same polyester as an extension of the upper materials which will start life as a flat strap but which will shape to the space between your toes on use.

Footbed & Sole

This flip flop EVA sole is denser than some which should provide fair protection from sharp things poking underfoot. It will also provide a degree of shock absorbance as you walk.

The insole above the footbed is a compressible sort of memory foam type material that shapes to your foot which makes for a very comfortable flip flop.

Although memory foam does lose its function over time with use, since flip flops are an occasional use item of footwear this is less of a problem than it is with shoes or sneakers.

Wrap Up

A comfortable footbed which forms to your foot and sits atop an EVA sole for arch support.

Reasonable protection from the sole and plenty of colors for the uppers to choose from.

The footbed material is soft and so these flip flops should be some of the quieter ones when walking.

Teva Voya – Features of Interest

Good Things

Well Rated by Users

Good Cushioning

Quick Drying

Very Comfortable

Soft Footbed Lining

Quite a Quiet Flip Flop

Not So Good Things

Not Enough Support for High Arches

Best Budget Flip Flop

Best Supportive Flip Flops for Women

Cutest Orthotic Flip Flop for Women

9. Vionic Rest Bellall Toepost Flip Flop

Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on the Amazon product page at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.
Shoe Specifications
Style:Orthotic Flip Flop
Length:5 – 11 Women
Upper:Lined fabric
Insole:Leather Covered Cork & Latex


A cute design from Vionic with an excellent cork footbed providing a soft underfoot feeling with plenty of arch support in a number of width fittings.

Toe Post & Upper

The upper straps are quite dainty with cute little bows at the top of the toe post which makes them really pretty.

The toe post is the usual curled synthetic attachment that sits between the toes and is what you might be used to.

Footbed & Sole

Cork is a wonderful material for cushioning and is overlaid with latex and leather for a soft natural underfoot feel.

The anatomically shaped footbed provides lots of arch support and a nice heel cup to position the heel and foot in good natural alignment.

A comfortable, pretty and supportive dressier than a normal flip flop.

Wrap Up

A cute and classy flip flop for dressier occasions.

Comfortable footbed with plenty of arch support and all the benefits fo cork underfoot that you are used to with the extra opulence of a leather covered finish.

You have got to love these!

Vionic Best Bellall – Features of Interest

Good Things

Multiple Widths


Versatile Wear Options

Super Cute


Good Arch Support

Not So Good Things

Over the Top for the Beach

Best Fitting Flip Flop for Women

10. Olukai Lala Flip Flop

Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on the Amazon product page at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.
Shoe Specifications
Style:Supportive Flip Flop
Length:5 – 11 Women
Upper:Lined Leather
Insole:Integral Leather Lined


A classy leather upper flip flop for smart casual wear.

The wider upper straps provide a more secure fit than the classic thin straps that most flip flops have.

Toe Post & Upper

With premium leather uppers and a hand-sewn toe post, you are buying a shoe with some class.

The hand sewn toe post ensures a neat fit between your toes and lined leather uppers feel smooth against your skin.

These are marketed as a beach sandal but equally suited for wear at the office or for casual engagements.

Footbed & Sole

Good cushioning and arch support is provided by Olukai in their Lala flip flops.

The anatomically shaped footbed is lined with leather to give great cushion underfoot with the unique feel of leather under your feet.

A comfortable, pretty and supportive, dressier than a normal, versatile flip flop.

Wrap Up

A great looking yet simple flip flop that feels great and supports your arches.

The extra attention to detail in the hand-sewn toe post and nicely lined quality leather uppers should tell you all you need to know about the quality of this flip flop.

Olukai Lala – Features of Interest

Good Things

Simple Design


Classy & Classic


Good Arch Support

Not So Good Things

Nothing to Speak Of

Best Supportive Flip Flops for Women

11. FitFlop Lulu

Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on the Amazon product page at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.
Shoe Specifications
Style:Platform Flip Flop
Length:5 – 11 Women
Upper:Microfibre Lined Leather


If you are looking for a bit of a lift, these FitFlops will give it to your heel and mood.

A simple design meets a comfortable and cushioned footbed in a classic well fitting design.

Toe Post & Upper

The upper is synthetic but lined with microfiber to ensure a silky smooth feeling against the skin on the top of your foot.

The more substantial upper fits across your instep to provide great positioning for the flip flop.

Instead of the usual lack of thought to the toe post, this one is properly rounded for a more comfortable feel between your toes.

Footbed & Sole

The platformed footbed provides a few inches of lift and plenty of underfoot shock absorbance and cushioning from the polyurethane midsole.

The comfort is all from the excellent design of the midsole with firmer cushioning under the heel to provide stability and shock absorbance, medium cushioning under the midsole to provide a little give to the support for your arches and softer cushioning under your toes for the optimum comfort.

It might not look like it from the pictures but this is an extraordinarily comfortable flip flop.

Wrap Up

Fantastically comfortable and supportive, great looking flip flop.

‘Nuff said!

FitFlop Lulu – Features of Interest

Good Things

Simple Design


Super Comfortable

Excellent Midsole

Quality Uppers

Good Arch Support

Not So Good Things

Almost The Best!

Best Rated Flip Flops for Women

12. Clarks Breeze Sea

Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on the Amazon product page at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.
Shoe Specifications
Style:Supportive Flip Flop
Length:5 – 12 Women


Adjustable straps to the top in a flip flop from Clarks at the lower end of the price scale makes for excellent value for money.

With thousands of excellent ratings, this is the best flip flop for women.

Toe Post & Upper

This is not what you would perceive as a cheap flip flop.

Although the straps are synthetic, they are neatly lined and feel really comfortable with the added bonus that you can adjust them to fit with the hook and loop fasteners to the side.

So these flip flops fit wonderfully.

Footbed & Sole

A simple supportive footbed offers a great cushioned feel underfoot and is quite capable of working for you all day long.

A simple design that you can chuck in the washing machine and very durable making this the best value for money flip flop for women.

So versatile, you can wear them anywhere.

Wrap Up

Super value for money from an old reliable and trustworthy brand.

Best rated flip flop you can find.

Nothing fancy just good solid value and good looking too.

Adjustably comfortable. Great!

Clarks Breeze Sea – Features of Interest

Good Things

Simple Design

Top Rated by Legions

Very Comfortable

Machine Washable

Comfy Adjustable Uppers

Good Arch Support

Not So Good Things

The Best!

Best Budget Flip Flops for Women

13. New Balance Renew Thong

Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on the Amazon product page at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.
Shoe Specifications
Style:Supportive Flip Flop
Length:5 – 11
Insole:Contoured Synthetic


A utilitarian flip flop from New Balance that provides arch support in a simple and classic design.

Plenty of features that you need for comfortable walking that you won't find in the cheapest of the cheap make it good value for money from a great brand.

Toepost & Upper

All synthetic materials for the uppers which decent linings to the straps for comfort and to minimize rubbing.

The toe post is the standard fare of synthetic material connecting upper to sole and is otherwise fit for purpose but nothing special.

Footbed & Sole

The New Balance Renew Thing has a well-contoured footbed which is contoured to provide support under your foot arches and, like some of the more expensive models, features a good heel cup for better-aligned foot positioning.

The polyurethane footbed does a fair job of shock absorbance and provides reasonable cushioning for a budget flip flop.

The mesh liner overlay makes for a comfortable feel underfoot and adds to breathability and moisture wicking for a drier feel.

Wrap Up

Good value for money basic flip flop that provides great arch support and a cushioned walking experience.

It is a good value for money ‘does what it says on the box' flip flop from a great brand without all the bells and whistles that would drive up the price.

A good, capable flip flop with great arch support that you can wear all day long.

New Balance Renew Thong – Features of Interest

Good Things

Simple Design

No Frills Pricing


All Man Made

Grippy Rubber Sole

Not So Good Things

Restrained Styling

Best Wide Fitting Flip Flops for Women

14. Skechers Reggae-Zig Swag

Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on the Amazon product page at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.
Shoe Specifications
Style:Wide Fitting Flip Flop
Length:5 – 12
Upper:Fabric / Textile
Insole:Cushioned Contoured


Adjustable straps and medium as well as wide fittings for this flip flop from Skechers, made it stand out amongst the competition

Well rated supportive flip flop with an alternative toe post design.

Toepost & Upper

The Reggae-Zig Swag differentiates from most flip flops by means of a loop opening for your big toe to slide into and formed by the textile or fabric uppers.

That is something you will either love or hate but it does have a definite uniqueness to the design.

The other great feature of this flip flop as far as the uppers are concerned is the adjustable strap over the instep which allows you to customize the fit better to your foot shape.

Nicely padded uppers too which feel very comfortable.

Footbed & Sole

The flip flop has a decently rugged sole which provides good protection underfoot and a nicely contoured footbed which gives good, bordering on great, arch support.

The midsole is overlaid with a semi-perforated cushioning footbed which is not memory foam as you know it but provides great cushioning and feel.

The foot last is quite square, which coupled with wide fitting sizes being available, makes it a great option for you if you have wider feet.

One caveat if you have sweaty feet, is that the footbed is not great at dispelling moisture which can leave the flip flop feeling a little uncomfortable if you perspire a lot when walking. That is a personal issue for a small number of users which I noticed in my research.

Wrap Up

A rather bohemian design with the top aperture style fit around your big toe which makes for an interesting look for the summer.

Great cushioning and comfort as you expect from Sketchers but it is not a memory foam footbed – which is not necessarily a good thing unless you are in love with memory foam that is!

Looks good and feels good as long as you get along with the enclosed feeling around your big toe – not an issue for me but might be for others.

And it is adjustable with a price that will make you smile.

Skechers Reggae-Zig Swag – Features of Interest

Good Things

Interesting Design

Adjustable Straps

Very Comfortable

Trendy Colors

Good Cushioning

Very Good Arch Support

Not So Good Things

Some Find Footbed Hot

Best Low Profile Flip Flops for Women

15. Spenco Yumi

Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on the Amazon product page at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.
Shoe Specifications
Style:Low Profile Flip FLop
Length:5 – 11


A low profile supportive footbed designed to alleviate pain from sufferers of plantar fasciitis and giving good arch support to the rest of us.

A well rated flip flop with a simple but attractive design for general wear.

Toepost & Upper

The toe post is the usual curled synthetic strap that fits between your big toe and its neighbor.

It sports a smart V-shaped strap across the instep and down the sides of your foot which fits quite nicely without feeling constraining.

Footbed & Sole

The Spenco Total Support footbed is designed to relieve pressure on the underside of your foot and in so doing relieves plantar fasciitis pain.

It is not restricted to plantar fasciitis sufferers though, providing excellent arch support for everyone else and will reduce the risk of developing plantar inflammation as a bonus.

The flip flop has a rubber sole for better grip.

The midsole and footbed provide a level of motion control and give great shock absorbance and cushioning for a low profile flip flop.

There is good support for the metatarsals too and a heel cup for foot positioning though, to be frank, that is rather shallower than most.

Wrap Up

If you are a fan of low profile flip flops then this is a great choice and especially so if you are a sufferer of plantar fasciitis.

They feel very comfortable thanks to the specially designed footbed which is contoured for your foot and gives excellent arch support.

They look good and are at the right price level.

Spenco Yumi – Features of Interest

Good Things

Classic Design

Excellent Footbed/p>

Very Comfortable

Good Shock Absorbance

Overpronator Friendly

Good Arch Support

Not So Good Things

Limited Color Choice

Best Orthaheel Flip Flops for Women

16. Vionic Womens Tide II

Vionic Women's Tide II White Sandal
Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on the Amazon product page at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.
Shoe Specifications
Style:Supportive Flip Flop
Length:5 – 12
Upper:Leather / Synthetic


A top quality orthotic style flip flop that looks normal and offers exception arch support.

Neat designs in a variety of colors that offer pain relief to you if you have foot issues and great arch support for high arches as well.

Toepost & Upper

A little attention has been given to the toe post to ensure the materials and weave is soft so that your toes do not complain.

The polyurethane upper is foam lined so the soft material to avoid rubbing and finished with leather trim and detailing which makes the flip flop look great.

Footbed & Sole

These are very comfortable flip flops if you have high arches but the support does take a little getting used to for some. The ‘getting used to' is worth it though if it relieves your foot pain right?

The flip flop materials are good quality and the EVA midsole is particularly good at soaking up shocks from walking and providing a cushioned bed under your feet.

The heel gets special attention and is designed to relieve pain for those with non-traumatic heel pain.

The outsole is rubber for added durability.

The entire package with a built-in orthotic is lightweight and comfortable and shaped to help control overpronation and better foot alignment.

Wrap Up

A motion control flip flop from Vionic with a built-in orthotic to promote the alleviation of foot and heel pain.

Excellent and varied design finishes and a very supportive footbed for your arches.

Good shock absorbance in a classy flip flop suitable for all-day wear.

Vionic Tide II Toe Post – Features of Interest

Good Things

Classy Design

Inbuilt Orthotic

Very Comfortable

Great Heel Support

Padded Straps for Comfort

Great Arch Support

Not So Good Things

A Little Expensive

Information on Flip Flops


What is a Supportive Flip Flop?

A supportive flip flop is a flip flop with arch support in the footbed. Arch support is achieved by molding the midsole to a supportive shape, by using an ergonomic insole which is secured into the shoe and ideally replaceable or a mixture of these two design solutions. Arch support is highly desirable and much better for your feet than flat flip flops which will eventually damage your feet and cause pain.

Flip Flop Popularity

With around $3 billion a year spent on flip flops in the USA, it is probably fair to say they are a popular choice of footwear.

They can be worn all year round in the house but cold, wet weather and restrictions in dress code at the office rather puts the dampers on things for winter outside.

Women love them because they can be inexpensive and with a wide variety of colors available, matching outfits is easy if you splash out a little on different colors.

Then there’s travel. Relaxed wanderings in new places, lounging on the beach and hormone filled walks at sunset all bring the super lightweight flip flop firmly into view.

According to Wikipedia, there are now more flip flops sold in the USA than sneakers.

They’re popular then!

Flip Flops Change How You Walk – In a Bad Way

Most of us wear footwear that is fixed to our foot to some degree or other, Elastic gore for slip-ons, laces and straps position our shoes on our feet which in turn do not need to bother with worrying about those shoes staying on.

Slip on a pair of flip flops though and all that comfortable positioning is lost, leaving your foot wondering how to keep the things from slipping off mid-stride.

And slip off they do.

NEISS (National Electronic Injury Surveillance System) data for 2017 (which is only a small number of the true incidents) reports nearly 500 injuries resulting from wearing flip flops. Of those, quite a few relate to the flip flop falling off and damage to toes and the foot from stubbing or stepping on something sharp.

Vector image of hammer toes possibly caused by flip flops
Unsupportive Flip Flops Can Cause Hammer Toes

In order to keep the flip flop from falling, your foot scrunches up the toes (to push up against the top strap, and also squeezes together the toes either side of the toe post.

While busy doing that, your toes do not return to their normal positions, forces in the foot on the various ligaments, bones, and tendons are all distorted in your attempts to keep the flip flop in place. This can lead to deformation of the toe joints called hammer toes.

Over a quarter of your bones are in your feet, 33 joints and over a hundred muscles – that is a lot of connections affected just because your footwear is floppy.

Not only that but you will have a tendency to increase your dorsal flexion, moving your toes closer to your shins, to increase the vertical inclination of the foot to plead with gravity to help the shoe fall back into place as it attempts to move forward.

It’s a bit heavy reading but you can learn more from the Journal of Foot & Ankle Research here.

Flip Flops, Plantar Fasciitis & Your Achilles

Your feet are the foundation of your body and yet they are perhaps the most neglected part of our bodies too – until they remind us by hurting!

Our poor feet are laden down by our weight, forced into shoes that don’t fit properly at all and pushed vertically until our toes cry for the sake of high heels and so our brains can celebrate how wonderful we think we look.

So the freedom from shoes that flip flops bring has got to be a good thing right?

Toes can have a holiday, all of our feet can take a deep breath of fresh air and mostly the burden of repeatedly lifting our shoes is removed! It’s like Jack and Rose ‘flying’ on Titanic scene – a foot promise of freedom that turns out false.

Enter stage the Plantar Fascia and our good friend Achilles.

The plantar fascia, a rather tough little ligament cum tendon, sits under your foot between heel and toes and connects them together. It stretches back and forth as we walk and is very appreciative of a little help from shoes in the form of support.

Our Achilles, bringing up the rear, also attaches the heel to the rest of the lower leg and stretches and contracts to allow us to walk. No Achilles – walking an impossibility.

Our friend Achilles has become comfortably used to a continual state of slight contraction as our foot sits in shoes that have at least a slight heel.

High heels force it into contraction most of the time and when you take off your shoes the elongation required to walk barefoot at home can cause rupture of that ligament.

The First Rule for flip flops – flat flip flops offer no support to your plantar fascia, stretching it and your Achilles that can lead to rupture tears in those tendons.

Image of teh Achilles & The Plantar Fascia
As the Arch Flexes the Plantar Stretches – Lift Your Foot Up & The Achilles Stretches

Brand Responses to Flip Flops Causing Foot Pain

With the huge and popular market in flip flops (or should I just say lucrative), your hurt becomes a Brand concern.

Apart from our Asian friends whose marketing relies more on cheap shoes that do little more than look good on the surface, brands realize that helping you avoid hurt is a good marketing strategy.

If you are determined to buy into the ‘freedom for your feet’ idea, there is relatively little they can do to avoid the flip flop from …. the flop.

So although your foot will be kept busy keeping them on, your plantar fascia at least can be helped by providing some support in the footbed.

Hence the birth of this article and probably why you are reading it.

Grabbing a supportive flip flop over a cheap flat plastic one will definitely help your plantar fascia and help avoid the pain that it can cause when overstretched.

There are a few other design niceties that can help such as adjustable top straps. And of course, cushioning to make you ‘Arrrhhhhhh’ as you step into softness.

What to Look for in Flip Flops with Arch Support

What is a Flip Flop?

A flip flop is a flattish sandal with an open upper that is affixed to the footbed with a single, usually column-shaped, post called a thong usually in a position which matches the gap between your big and second toes in modern times.

Best Supportive Flip Flops for 2019 - Good or Bad for Your Feet? 3
Flat Flip Flops – Might be Colorful but Your Feet Won't Think So

The Importance of the Flip Flop Footbed

This is the most important feature especially for you if you have high foot arches, pain from plantar fasciitis or flat feet.

What you want is a footbed that provides as near the support and other beneficial features of a sneaker.

That means:

  • support under your foot arch that is appropriately firm and in near enough the right position.
  • a heel cup and shock absorbing qualities are also very useful in avoiding the pain that can result from long term wear of flip flops.
  • choose soft leather straps over plastic for the uppers because they tend to rub less.
  • Lined uppers are a luxury found in the more expensive models and well worth the cost because they avoid rubbing much better.
  • the toe post should not rub so be conscious of any ridges in the plastic post that are situated where your toe skin would be. A ridge in the very front of the post will not touch your skin so can be ignored.
  • flexibility in the forefoot under the balls of your feet where your foot flexes in your normal stride. If it folds like two halves of your empty wallet then it is so flexible as to be useless.

You are never going to get the same level of support that you can find in an athletic or orthopedic shoe or even to match a regular shoe that is well designed.

But you can aim for getting at least some support, cushioning and shock absorbance which are the areas we looked for in finding the choices on this page.

Choosing Flip Flop Uppers

Flip Flop uppers are also important to your comfort because they are in contact with your instep skin and pressure against them is one of the main ways your foot will attempt to keep it on.

Look for natural materials like leather and preferably lined with a material that will reduce possible rubbing.

Plastic materials tend to be more rigid, will not adapt to your foot shape as a natural material would do but are useful for environments that are wet such as around the pool because they can be easily washed.

Flip Flop Toe Posts

The toe post needs to be there to attach the upper to the rear of the shoe and also to enable at least a modicum of positioning stuck between your toes.

The skin between your toes will be rubbing against this repeatedly so be aware of any ridges in the post (common with plastic manufacturing), that they will not rub and cause sores.

Some flip flops have fabric uppers and flat section toe posts that can feel more comfortable but again examine the material to ensure a minimum of potential to cause rubbing.

Each of us will have a preference as to the most comfortable toe post so choose what has worked for you before.

Flip Flops to Help Plantar Fasciitis or Flat Feet

If you already have foot pain from plantar fasciitis then you should seek advice from your podiatrist or doctor before you buy any pair of shoes.

If given the all clear to buy flip flops then, considering their advice, look for a pair with the best arch support to allow your plantar to repair itself.

You should avoid walking barefoot (as you have no arch support at all) and avoid flat flip flops for the same reason.

“Flip-flops are leading causes of plantar fasciitis and tendinitis, both of which are inflammatory conditions that cause sharp foot pain.”
Frank Narcisi, DPM, podiatrist with Specialty Physicians of Illinois in Chicago Heights.

The key thing for both plantar fasciitis and flat feet is to support your foot arch because without that support your plantar fasciitis will be even more painful and you will develop pains from unsupported flat feet too.

In fact, one of the issues caused by flat feet IS plantar fasciitis so it is a great idea to grab some support and lessen the problem or even prevent it occurring in the first place.

Diseases Caused By Flip Flops

Fungal Disease

Many people buy flip flops to use in the showers after a workout or swim as well as generally around swimming pools.

Wet, humid areas are the breeding ground for fungus so Athlete’s Foot, warts and other nasties.

Remember though that it is not just the pool and shower surfaces that are warm and damp but your flip flops are too.

So after you have showered and changed get into the habit of washing your flip flops before you stuff them back into your gym bag.

“Shoes that become warm and damp also promote the [growth of fungi],”
Richard Klasco, MD says in The New York Times.


Apart from fungal infections to your otherwise healthy foot, there is also the risk of infection of a pre-existing would.

Even tiny wounds such as those that result from exfoliation of the skin can become infected and as a Cosmopolitan Article notes.

Common Injuries from Wearing Flip Flops

Our main reference for injuries came from the Consumer Product Safety Commission injury Surveillance System (NEISS). Obviously not every injury is reported but it gives a good insight into the types of injuries with a dataset of nearly 500 flip flop related injuries in 2017 (the latest available set).

It is probably not surprising that women reported over twice as many injuries as men. Men tend to resist going to the doctor and women wear flip flops much more than men.

Best Supportive Flip Flops for 2019 - Good or Bad for Your Feet? 5
Breakdown of Reported Injuries Requiring Medical Intervention from NEISS 2017

So What's the Problem With Wearing Flip-Flops?

Well here are some examples from the statistics from the NEISS used to create the pie chart above.

  • 65yo Chemical Spraying at home faced burnt skin from the chemicals
  • Many elderly people caught their flip flops on a rug at home
  • 40yo fell off whilst climbing a ladder doing some work
  • Multiple people stepped on a nail
  • 60YO stubbed and broke their toe banging it on a concrete step
  • Kids of various ages fell over with fractures whilst playing basketball
  • 7 yo stubbed toes whilst running & playing
  • Lots of people tripped on steps
  • 35yo developed hammer toes from wearing flip flops
  • People of all ages stepped on cutting object or nail which entered the flesh and became infected
  • 22yo smashed his foot on a rock and various others who stubbed toes or had their unprotected feet run over by vehicles
  • 36yo infected from a syringe lying on the ground

The pie chart above shows only a small selection of the causes of injuries that can result from wearing flip flops but we can get some key takeaways.

Flip Flops Are a Tripping Hazard

Flip flops are made with just the upper straps, which are usually quite thin and flimsy, and a post of connecting material which sits between the toes and on which the big toe grips.

So they flop around. Hence the name.

So it is unsurprising that tripping is a major hazard being the cause of 34% of people reporting to the NEISS database.

Many of those falling were seniors at home tripping over rugs and cables but significant numbers of people fell over the sidewalk curb and in parking lots for some reason.

If you add in 11% falling whilst using stairs and escalators and 7% who tripped while running, tripping up equates to 50% of injuries directly through wearing flip flops.

Some of these accidents may have happened regardless of the type of footwear used but most happened because the flip flop caught on something.

And you can see why this would happen because as you walk a gap appears between the toes and the footbed which can easily trap a cable or catch on the corner of a curb or other object and bend back even more until you are unbalanced.

With shoes or sneakers, this simply is not a thing.

Running in flips flops need hardly be pointed out to be a pretty dumb activity that is just asking for trouble.

Can You Wear Flip Flops for Sport or Cycling

Photo of Lady With Flip Flops & Bike
Flip Flops Like Bikes as Oil Likes Water

Almost as many people were injured playing sports or riding a bike whilst wearing flip flops as those whose foot was impaled by a sharp object such as nails and glass.

When playing sport, mostly basketball, you are running.

Running is a terrible activity for flip flop wearers.

People riding bikes fell because the flip flop slipped off the pedal or became caught up in the pedal – another dangerous activity and worrying because it was mostly children who ended up with fractures and serious cuts.

Don’t let your kids do it.

Flip Flop Sole Protection

About 10% of people with injuries from wearing flip flops found themselves with holes in their feet from various objects but primarily rusty nails.

Very few flip flops provide much protection from the soles but it should be a key factor in choosing a good flip flop.

The cheapest flat flip flops offer almost no protection and anything sharp will just poke right through and into your soft flesh.

Many of the more expensive flip flops ($20-30 and up) have EVA soles which will give some protection unless you are landing with your full weight on a nail.

Do you like the sight of blood?

So do consider the protection you’ll be getting from the sole when deciding which model to purchase.

Flip Flops – Lack of Protection from the Sun

This was not reported in the statistics used above – it is not an injury that would be reported in that system though.

Many people get sunburn on the tops of their feet while wearing flip flops.
The normal shoes you wear enclose the foot leaving the skin like a baby’s with no built up protection from the sun’s UV rays.

Along comes summer, out come the flip flops and the sun happily barbeques your soft white flesh.

This is even more of an issue when you are at the pool or paddling at the water’s edge where the water cools the foot as it is barbequing meaning that you are not aware you are being sizzled.

We touched on this a little in our post on water shoes and also on our post on the dangers of walking on the beach. You might like to take a look.

Mind Map of Injuries from Flip Flops
Flip Flop Dangers by WooWalkers

Foot Conditions Caused by Wearing Flip Flops

Looking at the pie chart again you can see that 6% of respondents developed foot conditions from wearing flip flops and about half of those were not wearing them long term either.

Apart from scraped skin from opening doors, nails through the feet, glass, and thorns cutting the exposed sides of the foot, ripped off toenails and things dropped on your exposed feet or cars running over them, a number of longer-term foot conditions were reported.

The principal conditions were hammer toes, plantar fasciitis, and tendonitis.

Hammertoes are caused when your toes have to scrunch up to keep the flip flop from falling off here the toes eventually no longer straighten.

Plantar fasciitis comes from inflammation of the plantar fascia, usually where it joins the heel bone, where it is overly stretched and stressed because of a lack of support.

The take away from that is not to wear flip flops for too long at a time and not to rely on them as a replacement for shoes.

Make sure any flip flop you buy has arch support as those products we have picked for you in this article. That will minimize stresses on the plantar at least.

Using Stairs, Ladders & Escalators with Flip Flops

11% of those reporting injuries from wearing flip flops were hurt whilst using stairs or walking on steps.

Obviously, to walk up or down steps you are lifting your feet off the ground to clear the step edges.

You can easily imagine the flip flop dropping at the front and catching the edge and then ….. tumble and broken bones – some serious.

So it is very important that you are aware of the dangers that steps and escalators pose when wearing flip flops and take special care.

Obviously doing any sort of manual work in flip flops is a terrible idea so don’t be doing that.

And if you are insane enough to be thinking of climbing ladders in them you had better recall the distance to the ground.

Not only that but the thin flip flop soles will offer no-load distribution so the rungs of the ladder are going to be putting enormous local pressure on the small part of the sole the rung presses into.

Where you Should NOT wear Flip Flops

Image of Driver Wearing Flip FLops
Don't Flip Flop and Drive


Wearing flip flops while driving is a very dangerous activity. Dangerous for you and dangerous for the little kid or old lady you may knock down.

It’s dangerous because the flip flop is not secure on your foot and so can slip off and get caught under the pedals.

The other problem is the front of the flip flop getting caught on the pedals and stopping you getting pressure on the brake because your foot is caught.

Not only that but you’ll hurt your heel which will receive no cushioning and generally be overloading your feet with unusual pressure as you operate the vehicle.

This also applies to riding bicycles, big bikes, and scooters where your flip flop can get caught in the pedals and chain.

It might seem a silly point, and you might think nobody does it but the data suggests otherwise.

Anywhere you need foot protection – hiking, work, industry

If you are hiking, trekking, doing some manual work or at work in construction, industry, or other hazardous environments then you should definitely NOT wear flip flops.

Flip flops offer no protection if you drop something heavy on your foot. They offer no protection from thorns or spikes pressing into the unprotected flesh at the top and sides of your feet.

They also offer no protection from insect bites, chemicals that you may use eg. weedkiller or fertilizers.

How to Stop Flip Flops Making a Slapping Sound

Short of gluing or sticky taping your foot to the sole of the flip flop, there is nothing you can do to permanently stop it making that slapping sound. If you want sticky feet then go ahead.

You can reduce the sound by trying your best to get hammertoes by scrunching up your toes to press the upper part of the shoe into your instep and so encourage the flip flop to sit closer to your sole.

But it’s not a good idea.

In fact, the best solution to minimize the sound is to buy flip flops with footbeds lined with soft materials like suede or microfibres to reduce the sound when flip flop meets the sole of your foot.

Another possibility is finding a flip flop with adjustable upper straps but then you are approaching into the territory of sandals and losing a bit of freedom people love about flip flops.

What is Good about Flip Flops – Fun Friendly Fashionable

Image of dog chewing a Flip Flop
What's Good About Flip Flops – Your Dog Will LOVE You

I have covered a lot of information on the problems with flip flops but that does not mean they are all bad.

They are certainly better than walking barefoot and especially so if they provide some cushioning and support.

But flip flops come into their own for occasional wear such as at the beach or pool where you want to pop them on and off repeatedly through the day.

They can protect against burning sand and undesirable fungal attack and as long as you are aware of the dangers they can be a great way to brighten up your style for days that are decidedly relaxing.

Take a look at Havaianas Women's Luna Around Ankle Straps Roman Flip flop Sandal. I mean they look great and make a statement about you. But if you make the same statement all day and every day or your feet will complain at the pressure!

Women tend to mix and match rather than think of comfort and flip flops are a great way to color up your wardrobe a little inexpensively but stay away from really cheap and bad quality flip flops.

After all, girls wear high heels too and they are awful for your feet.

Why You Should Spend Appropriately on Flip Flop

Buying the cheapest Asian imported flip flop is not going to make your feet happy.

We are not suggesting buying the most expensive pairs – and some of them cost upwards of $300 – just suggesting that you purchase sensibly.

Mid-priced flip flops with some arch support and cushioning are widely available and much better value than the cheap and cheerful.

Do also look at the design and consider benefits such as premium upper straps of leather or suede, lined straps, adjustable straps, and footbed design.

Will a little prudence you can get a flip flop that will not end up causing you foot pain.

When You Should Replace Flip Flops

Flip Flops, like any other shoe, should be replaced every so often. This is usually going to be when they start looking tatty, have discolored or where the sole starts cracking up.

You should also replace if the flip flop sole has worn significantly to one side or the other or if the footbed is no longer supportive of your foot arch.

And if you start to develop foot pain after wearing them for a while then go get your feet checked professionally,

Ideally, they will go out of fashion before they wear out but that will only happen if you take our advice and only wear on occasion.

Image of feet with the word pedicure
Man or Woman – Don't Look Ugly, Get a Pedicure

How Not To Look Ugly in Flip Flops

Get a pedicure.

Honestly, if you are going to be showing off your toes then they need to look clean and well taken care of.

If you don’t then people will judge you – I would!

And this is not just advice for girls.

Men are notoriously bad at looking after their feet and often have really ugly untrimmed or badly trimmed toes.

Pamper yourself a bit and get a decent pedicure and for the girls some sexy nail polish – it’s another chance to add some color to your beautiful feet.

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