What is Fitness Walking? Here are the Basics

Walking is a very basic way of moving from one place to another for all human beings. While this form of walking is natural, fitness walking is an art.

Fitness walking (sometimes called power walking) makes a difference in the health of the human being if it is done properly. It is recommended by health experts to indulge in regular walks to maintain fitness levels. Fitness walking is not restricted to any age group.

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How does one indulge in fitness walking? What are the basics? Let us take a look at the guidelines:

Here is a list of the basics of fitness walking

With due endurance and regularity, walking can help you to regain your shape and health that you might have lost in the rat race. Unlike leisure walking, fitness walking is a workout to bring about better health.

What is Fitness Walking? Here are the Basics 1
The Basics of Fitness Walking

1. Watch Your Step – While you are involved in fitness walking, watch every step that you take. You must walk from the heel to the toe.

Keep the heel down first and end it with your toe. You have to use your forefoot to push you off to the next step. This basic technique helps you to walk more efficiently.

2. Measure your Stride – Walking is more effective and the fitness quotient is higher when the stride is bigger. Try to take bigger steps to cover when you are walking for your health.

Your stride length determines the effectiveness of your walking regime. Walking about 15 minutes per mile is considered as brisk walking. Brisk walks are ideal for maintaining fitness levels.

3. Check Out Your Route – While you walk for your health, make sure to take a straight line route. Also, make sure that your body posture is also apt.

What is Fitness Walking? Here are the Basics
Why not walk on the beach?

4. Work with your hands too – While you walk, never let your hands stay in one place. Swing them forward and backward. This helps you to walk faster and at a more rapid pace.

More speed means that more energy gets spent and it would eventually burn more calories and strengthen your core.

Also, keeping your arms close to your body, and pumping them up helps you in getting a good workout as you walk. Just make sure that you do not clench your fists and do not squeeze them tight.

5. Try Different landscapes – Instead of walking in the park, take a different spot for your walking workout. Choose the beaches or the hills.

When you walk barefoot on the beach, it would have a better impact.

If you plan for the hills, it will naturally make you lean according to the slope, making your workout more effective. It is best to keep a straight posture as much as possible on the hills.

A straight and forward line of walking helps you to get better results than a swaying route. Try to stick to the straight line as much as possible. It will also improve your focus on the path of walking.

Fitness walking is not the only way to get fit walking – there are less strenuous ways and more strenuous ways – check out the various types of walking you can do to get fit and improve health in our Ultimate Guide to Walking Exercise

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