How to Begin a Fitness Walking Program

Walking is one of the easiest fitness programs to incorporate into your daily schedule. Not only is it a great way to lose weight there are a number of other health benefits to sticking with a walking program as well. Unlike many other fitness or exercise routines, walking only requires dedication and a good pair of shoes but the benefits can have a positive effect on many areas of your health and mindset.

Benefits Of Walking:

The benefits of sticking to a regular walking program include improvements to your health in a variety of ways.

How to Begin a Fitness Walking Program
Walking is healthy and mood improving

Walking is healthy and mood-improving

  • You strengthen your heart muscles.
  • Walking can lower your blood pressure.
  • Bones become less brittle.
  • Walking is a great way for stress release.
  • Assist in weight loss and maintaining a healthy weight.
  • Can improve your balance as well as coordination.
  • Walking can also lift your mood instantly and help you regain focus.

How To Start And Stick With A Fitness Walking Program:

Just like any other fitness routine, you will want to start slow. Dedicate just ten or fifteen minutes a day. After a week add on another five minutes the following week. Continue to add on five-minute increments each week until you are at your desired walking time.

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The main thing about starting a walking program is to be aware of your posture. You want to walk with your head up and your eyes focused in front of you. Avoid looking down while you walk or your head will eventually follow suit. Your core, abdomen, and buttocks should be tightened and engaged while you walk. Shoulders should be relaxed and positioned down, the back as well should be relaxed.

How to Begin a Fitness Walking Program 1

When you are starting a walking program you will want to ensure you stay hydrated. Drink plenty of water before you head out for your walk, bring a small bottle of water with you on your walk and get plenty of water after your walking routine.

Before and after your walking routine you will want to do a warm up and cool down. Walking utilizes a number of core muscles and joints and just like any other type of physical you will want to get a good stretch before you begin your walking routine and want to properly cool down after your routine. As you reach the end of you walking workout slow down your pace to reduce the risk of any strain or cramping later.

Making your walking program a habit is going to be the most challenging part of your program. When you successfully make walking a continuous routine it will slowly become a fixture in your life. Commit five days a week to walking up to thirty minutes a day after your initial ease into a walking program. Keeping this up for at least a month will better your chances of sticking with a walking routine.


Starting a fitness walking program is one of the easiest workout routines you can begin. Not only will your health physical improve but walking has a number of positive effects on your overall outlook of life. Begin slow and build upon your walking time and distance each week. Once you make walking a habit in your life you will find it easy to stick with the walking program and continue to reap all the benefits.

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