Muck Artic Apres Casual Slip-On Women’s Winter Ankle Boot

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by Jennifer

Muck Boot Arctic Apres

Muck Boot Brand Shoes


  • Good for narrow feet
  • Lightweight
  • Good sole endurance
  • Removable Insoles for orthotics
  • 100% Waterproof multi-use Boot
  • Good subtle designs
  • Very Comfortable for a gumboot


  • No width fittings
  • A little expensive
  • Buy 1/2 size larger than normal unless you have very narrow feet - to allow for socks

This is a short ankle boot that doesn't know it is a Wellington boot. It is an excellent choice for really bad light snow, horrible slushy conditions and very wet weather. Those are conditions any leather or suede boot will not be up to task.

Rated down to -20°F (-30°C) they are going to keep you warm and dry for sure.

These boots are the mean deal and look great.

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Winter is coming – and what a joy it is! Walking through the snow, and breathing the fresh, crisp air, is a true source of happiness – as long as you have the right footwear to prevent you from catching a cold in the process. 

The Muck Arctic Après casual slip-on rubber women's winter boots caught my eye when I was looking for the best pair of boots to have during the winter season. They will really make you stand out in the cold and snow.

These boots are every woman’s dream – they are perfect for short walks on icy surfaces and suit snowy trail walkers perfectly.

I really must go.
Baby it's cold outside'
‘It's Ok – I've got my Muck Boots'

Also, if you plan on working outdoors and you need a comfy pair of boots that you can easily take off at the end of the day, the Muck slip-on rubber boots may be a great option.
The boots are well-insulated, warm, and comfortable.

As I was roaming the web looking for information about those boots, I noticed that people with a high arch had a lot of good things to say about those shoes. That means that if your gait is over-supinated, this pair of shoes will suit you well.

Once I figured that those boots might suit my needs, I began to look for more information about them. After all, you can never be too careful when it comes to picking shoes, especially if you are planning on making a purchase online.

It will be a shame not to share all the info I found, so if you are considering buying those Muck rubber boots, keep reading and learn more about Muck Boots for women!

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About Muck Boots

The first thing I looked for when researching the topic is the company that manufactures those boots. I wanted to know what the company stands for, and what they have on offer that might be of interest to me.

As it turns out, the company is set on providing the public with 100% waterproof footwear – which is what I need to get me through the winter season! They have 60 types of rubber and leather boots that you can purchase, each of them perfect for different reasons.

The company specializes in manufacturing boots that have to stand up to tough conditions in the city, the farm, or the great outdoors.

That sounded like something I was interested in exploring further, which is why I chose to take a closer look at the Muck Arctic Après casual slip-on rubber women's winter boots themselves. Do you want to hear more?

If you are interested, take a look at the info regarding the Muck Arctic slip-on rubber boots here.

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General Overview - Muck Arctic Après Women's Winter Boots

General Sizing

One of the first things you need to think about when buying new shoes is the size, especially if you are going to order them online.

All rubber boot will have your mood bouncing back from the weather in no time!

When I was looking at customer reviews, it was clear that buying the size I usually wear would probably be OK. As it turns out, when buying Muck boots for women, you generally buy true to size unless you have wide feet and intend wearing thick socks too in which case a half size larger might be wise.

These boots will not stretch very much (though the neoprene upper is somewhat flexible) but the lining will compress with wear and so loosen up a little.  Reading the reveiws of other buyers, many claimed that the size was perfect because it left some room to add orthotics or wear socks.

After reading what everyone had to say, I've noticed that many people who were happy with the size had wide feet and on some occasions - a high arch.

A couple of customers with narrow feet had trouble with those shoes, but the company recommends that people with narrow feet wear thicker socks to rectify the situation.

Main Materials

Before we delve into what those boots have to offer, let's take a look at the materials the manufacturers use to make them. After all, that’s what will determine how light, breathable, and comfortable the show is going to be!

When it comes to this particular set of boots, you have two main materials to think about - rubber and CR Flex. CR Flex, or foam neoprene, is stitched into a shape of a 5mm bootie. Afterwards, the neoprene structure is glued to rubber soles.

Both materials are lightweight, flexible, and highly comfortable.

Features of the Sole

The soles of the boots in question are made of rubber, which is sturdy, low-maintenance, and durable.

The surface is rugged, which causes more friction with the ground, thus preventing you from slipping on icy surfaces.

When it comes to this particular set of boots, you have two main materials to think about - rubber and CR Flex. CR Flex, or foam neoprene, is stitched into a shape of a 5mm bootie. Afterwards, the neoprene structure is glued to rubber soles.

Both materials are lightweight, flexible, and highly comfortable.

Features of the Midsole

The midsole is very important as it absorbs shock and makes your shoe more comfortable. In this case, the midsole is made of EVA – foam that comes in various levels of rigidity, and its purpose is to provide better cushioning and comfort.

The Muck slip-on rubber boots have lightweight cushioning, which later on affects the total weight of the boot.

Features of the Inside Cushioning

Inside the shoe, you have a warm fleece lining, which will serve to keep your feet warm even in really cold, -30 degrees Celsius conditions. It also protects you from blisters.

A brown that goes with most colors. A boot that goes most places!

You'll be happy with how warm these ankle boots are unless you are in really very cold conditions and wearing the boots outside all day when cold can seep in through the rubber. You may read a few reviews from women claiming that the boot was not as warm as advertised and I suspect that is because of the particular conditions in which they they use the boot.

If you are interested in using separate orthotics with those boots, you will find that there is enough room to use your own foot support.

According to the company, you can remove the sock liner from all Muck boots, which means you can air the boot and make some room for orthotics if you need them.  They are suitable for use in normally cold conditions as well though - you do not need to be building an igloor or on an expedition to use these.

Features of the Heel Area

More often than not, when I purchase a new pair of shoes, I can guarantee that the back of the shoe will be a great source of pain. Blisters are a common issue for people with sensitive skin, especially in the heel region.

That’s why I have to be super careful when picking out new boots. In this case, the neoprene bootie might be my saving grace. The material is known to be flexible and comfortable, which can be enough of a cushioning to prevent blisters from forming.

Another thing that should be mentioned is the boots’ height – the shaft’s height is 8 inches in total, which is considered as medium height. It means that slipping the boot on and off will cause less issues, reducing the chances of me rubbing my heels raw against the boot’s material.

Last but not least, according to the Muck original website, the boot has a quadruple-reinforced heel area, which provides the base of your foot with a lot of support and protection.

Uppers – Style, Cleaning, and More

The foam neoprene uppers are lightweight, and they look quite elegant, even though they are not meant for showing off.

The boot generally looks comfortable and simple, with the company’s logo visible right underneath the collar.

Since the material is waterproof, cleaning it will pose no issue. Simple washing the boot with a bit of soap and water is enough. However, you should avoid using conditioners. If they reach the sole, they can turn it into a slick surface, thus causing you to lose your footing outdoors.

The upper part of the boot is flexible, thanks to the qualities of the neoprene, which means that it can stretch a little and you can decide whether you want to tuck your pant leg in or not.

Foot Box

The foot box, from all accounts is spacious and omfortable, even for wider footed cusers and you can even wear a decent pair of socks without feeling like your leg is going to get stuck in the boot forever.

Breathability of the Boot

When it comes to winter shoes, choosing boots that won’t air properly is a crucial mistake. We all know how bad shoes can smell if there’s sweat involved!

Probably the best Wellington style boot in the world!

Luckily, it all comes down to the qualities of the materials. According to the manufacturer’s website, all Muck boots have an Airmesh lining.

This kind of material allows air to circulate through the interior of the shoe. That means that even if you are in a humid environment and your feet sweat a lot, they will be able to stay nice and dry.

Remarkably breathable for a rubber boot but not comparable with an open mesh walking shoe of course! Completely different metrics there.


When I buy a pair of boots, I prefer to spend a bit more money on a solid pair that will be stay wearable for years, instead of buying something cheaper and less sturdy just for the season.

When it comes to the Muck slip-on rubber boots, I know that the boot will last a long time - the company has a very sound reputation. The manufacturers insist that the rubber stays flexible for years and I am confident you can believe them.


For Wellington style boots, these boots are the Rolls Royce of boots, offering style and performance.  Don't just trust me - check out the reveiws that others have made on the boot .

You'll see from those reviews, most people reported that they used the boots to go on a quick outing when taking the dogs for a walk, throwing out the trash, etc. A few other people claimed that they are going to use the boots for working outdoors and others were delivery people who were out in the cold all day.

All in all, these boots are sturdy and warm, which means that they are suitable for short and long stays in the cold outdoors.


Of course, when it comes to boots, their weight depends on the size you wear, but the difference in weight is not drastic. Generally, those boots weigh about 0.82 kg, which is super-light for a rubber boot. 

If you order the boots online, the package will weigh 1.8 kg more or less depending on size.

The result being that you won’t feel like the shoes are weighing you down while you tread through snow and ice.


As I’ve mentioned before, the boots look quite elegant, even though they are not designed to impress. You can get them in various colors –classic black, warm brown, and light colours as well.

Even though these women's ankle boots are not a design statement, there is a class to them which makes a subtle impression.

Terrain Suitability

As was mentioned before, those boots are perfect for walking on ice or treading through snow, thanks to the construction of the rubber soles.

However, since the boot only reaches the lower part of your calf, it is not suitable for walking in areas where the snow is piled up high. The snow might get into your shoe from above, even though there’s a faux fur trim that is supposed to help prevent that.

Sole Design and Likely Traction

The rubber soles are designed in a rugged way that is meant to prevent the boot from slipping on ice.

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Grey is not at all boring – sometimes!

The uneven surface of the outsole creates friction with the ground, thus helping you keep your balance while walking outside in the winter.

One caveat I need to make though is that the boot sole can have the best design and detailing to prevent slippage but there is only so much grip that is possible on very icy surfaces unless you dig into them.

So if you intend using in very slippery icy conditions then please get yourself a set of ice cleats to ensure a solid grab into the ice surface. Of course these are not suited to general wear.

Flexibility & Stability

These boots have fairly rigid soles as you might expect for a boot of this type.  However the design of the boot, midsole and insole have plenty of cushion to make the boot really very comfortable. 

Key Features

Do you feel like I've bombarded you with dozens of details?

Let me try to clear some things up. So what is so great about those boots?

  • The 5 mm neoprene bootie is waterproof and self-insulating.
  • Rubber soles are rugged and prevent slipping
  • Warm fleece lining to keep your feet warm
  • Materials are easy to clean
  • Medium boot height, easy to slip on and off
  • Super comfy, super warm and super waterproof - and I do mean waterproof!

Conclusion and Wrap Up

The Muck Arctic Après casual slip-on rubber women's winter boots are not the cheapest boots you can find online, but I think they are going to be worth the money.

It seems that this specific design has everything I might need in a winter boot, which is the conclusion of the thought process from my research when I want to make a purchase.

So if you are in the market for a new pair of boots, I think it is safe to say that the Muck slip-on rubber boots might suit you well!

Join me and grab a pair over at your local Amazon - a wise shopping decision because of their great returns policy and generally low prices. 

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Women's Arctic Apres Slip On

Women's Arctic Apres Slip On

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