Best Men’s Shoes for Back Pain: My Recommendations

Do you know what the leading cause of back pain is?

It comes from wearing the wrong types of shoes. It also comes from posture which is why you should consider adding Nordic walking sometimes as it improves posture as well as many other elements.

Now some of you might be in the situation right now and changing your footwear might take away a lot of that pain.

Below I have a small list of things to keep an eye out for. If you are doing any of the following in the wrong shoes, you will be suffering from back pain too.

  • Lifting really heavy objects
  • Overstretching your leg and foot muscles. This happens a lot with professional dancers, athletes and runners.
  • Sitting or standing in a hunched position. I am guilty of doing this myself.
  • Sitting in a bad position for a long period of time (ie. desk job or similar). Make sure to get a proper chair when you're working in an office!
  • Moving on hard floor for long periods (see: Shoe recommendations for walking on concrete)

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Bad footwear equals lower back pain

This is another question that we get asked a lot. Your feet are the basic foundation of your whole body. Your feet guide how the rest of your body behaves. If you are wearing the wrong types of shoes, this is also going to be a problem. This is going to impact how the rest of your body reacts and interacts.

If you are wearing shoes that are not providing you the best support, than guess what? You are going to be having some major back problems, both in you upper and lower body. This is why you need to be wearing the right kind of shoes, no matter on or off the job.

What do the right shoes have the the other do not

  1. They provide good motion support (see: Good shoes for overpronation), especially for the runners out there.
  2. The bulk the support falls onto the front and middle of the foot, not the back. The later is where the bulk of the issues come up.
  3. The right shoes will be made from high density foam. This absorbs most of the impact and cradles the foot, keeping it protected. This is what you need.

Reviews for the 3 best shoes to prevent back pain


This shoes is recommended for everyone, specifically for athletes. The comfort is still there, even more so than its previous version. The soles are very good. Now some shoes might be a bit tight for some of you, even a bit narrow.

Your best bet is to buy a size bigger, especially if you have larger feet. If you wear a size 9, I suggest buying a size 10. This way you won't be feeling the pain you would get if the shoes are smaller.

Out of 5 stars, I rate this shoe a solid 4-4.5 (out of 5). Check out my review here: New Balance 928V2


This shoe is another good one for runners and other athletes. The comfort is there. It's a solid woman's shoe, one of the best you will find.

It comes in all sorts of colors. If you are a woman with narrow feet, you might want to buy a size or two up (see also: Walking shoes for women). This will save you from any sort of pain.

Overall, this shoe rates a solid 4 stars. See also:  New Balance 847V2


This walking shoe for back pain is probably one of the best I have seen on the market, thus far. It comes with custom leather soles and interior. Guys, you will love this if you are into running and other sports.

These shoes are going to keep your back from feeling the pain, even after the games are over.

These shoes offer a sturdy heel. These shoes do all the heavy lifting for you. A friend of mine bought a pair of these. He's not gone back to anything else. His back pain also has disappeared too, because of these shoes.

I give this model a 4.5 to 5 rating. Check out my detailed review here: Brooks Addiction Walker

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