8 Best Walking Shoes for Overweight Men

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The best shoes for overweight men are ones that fit you properly, provide adequate ankle support, have plenty of cushioning and support for your foot arches.

The heavier man has less to choose from when it comes to clothing and shoes are no exception. Not only that, when you finally find a shoe that fits you correctly, the fact that you’re an overweight guy means that they don’t tend to last very long.

This page covers the best walking shoes for overweight men. If you are looking for shoes for overweight women, you'll find them here!

The table below gives a quick view of the shoes reviewed in this article for men and women. Use the jump links in the table as well as in the reviews to jump up and down the page quickly and easily.

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Best Walking Shoes for Overweight Men

Brooks Mens Addiction Walker

Hoka One One Bondi 6

Asics Mens Gel-Fortitude 8

Dr Scholls Mens Harrington II Oxford

Propet Mens Life Walker Strap

You'll be letting out a rather sad sigh when we start talking about fashion styles if you are a bit fat.

overweight man with bursting short because he cannot find anything to fit
Finding Something That Fits is Not Easy When You Are Overweight

Nothing fits!

And that includes shoes, which is worse because they darn well hurt!

Well, fear no more – we have some great looking shoes you'll be proud to don. You'll not be driving to the park only to sit in the car getting up the courage to get out and walk.

Just because YOUR clothes look horrible and everyone else looks more than attractive and has all the right gear. NO MORE!

Walking is a fantastic exercise for the heavier man. It is much less stressful to the joints and body than running.

But there are various types of walking exercise and different surfaces to contend with whether that be regular walking for exercise, trail walking, city walking or just walking to work.

Surfaces can range from the rough trail, the hard pavements around town, or grassy woodland.

The other thing to consider is your gait. Are you an overpronator, supinator or do you have a neutral gait?

Most overweight people tend to have normal to flat arches. But if you are a supinator, then you should pick a neutral shoe with good support, without additional stability features, and fit a custom orthotic if necessary.

Foot Arch Types
Which Foot Arch Type Are You?

Best Walking Shoes for Overweight Men

Best Light Hiking Shoe for Heavier Guys

1. ASICS Gel Venture 6

Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on the Amazon product page at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.
Shoe Specifications
Style:Rugged Walking Hiking Shoe
Use:Light Hiking & Casual
Sizing:7 – 15 with Half Sizes to 12.5
Widths:Slim to Extra Wide
Upper:Synthetic & Mesh
Sole:Rubber Cushioned
Insole:Good Quality – Removable

General Features

Designed as a trail shoe but equally usable as an all-day shoe for work with good cushioning for a neutral gait. If you have slight supination then the shoe will match you very well.

If you are an overpronator then you'll need to take out the removable insoles and fit your own orthotics. However, you will not get the benefit of the additional stability provided with other issues that have stability technology.

Read Our Extensive Review or continue with our coverage of the main points below.


A good range of fittings for length and width will enable you to get the right fit fairly easily for all but the widest feet.

The shoe does come up a little narrow in width and short on length so order at least a half size bigger than normal.

The lacing system does start a little higher up the instep than others but it is still fine, with high-level eyelets to get a snug fitting whatever your instep shape.

Comfort & Cushioning

ASICS rear foot gel cushioning system will take care of your heels and the soles are made from high abrasion rubber in critical areas so offering good durability.

The uppers are made from a flexible material that provides very good breathability to keep your feet dry.

If you are an overpronator that my suggestion would be for you to find a shoe that specifically targets that issue. You will likely find the support more comfortable and the shoe generally better for you.


Marketed as a light trail shoe, but the styling reflects more a sporty shoe and in fact the shoe is excellent as a rugged and durable walking shoe.

It is a substantial shoe without being too heavy but providing the resilience that overweight walkers need in a shoe. This will not be falling apart, unable to take the pounding that your extra weight will give it.


The ASICS Gel Venture 6 provides a lot of shoe for the money and comes well recommended by heavier men.

ASICS Gel Venture 6 – Features of Interest

Good Things

Good Solid Shoe

Good Looking Shoe

Quite Durable

Wider Toe Box

Normal & Wide Fittings


Lightweight for Trail Shoe

5 Star Walking Shoe

Not So Good Things

If You Walk a Lot Durability May Be an Issue

Upsize 1/2 Larger

Best Hiking & Walking Shoe for Overweight Men

2. Dr. Comfort Ranger

Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on the Amazon product page at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.
Shoe Specifications
Style:Hiking Shoe
Use:Hiking, Work & Casual
Sizing:6 – 15 with Half Sizes to 11.5
Widths:Medium to Extra Wide
Insole:Gel Inserts – Removable

General Features

The Doctor Comfort Ranger is a hiking boot that doubles up as a men's work boot.

Constructed with a sturdy leather upper and a durable oil resistant rubber sole, these boots meet the test for durability.


The shoe is available in medium, wide and extra-wide fittings and sizes from 6 to 15, mostly with half sizes. Black and mid-brown are the color options.

The design of the boot just above the ankle together with a firm heel counter provides good ankle support and positioning for the heel and better shoe stability. The heel counter is a thickened area in the heel to maintain the shape through use.

The toe box is roomy to allow for wider or fatter feet with some light protection on top and the laces are easy to use non-tie with a velcro closer. The lacing system is therefore durable and configurable to match varying instep heights.

Comfort & Cushioning

The leather uppers will not be as breathable as the Flex knit and mesh materials that are found on lighter shoes.

But the intended use is for walking on trails or in a working environment where the style meets requirements.

The shoe lining and cushioning around the upper heels is good and the feedback on the shoe from everyone we talk to was excellent.

The shoe is designed for various foot issues that require a comfortable footbed and it is supplied with Gel insoles that assist with shock absorption and provide additional support and cushioning that heavier guys will appreciate.


And the style does look good and leather is somewhat breathable!


If you're working on hard concrete floors all day or if your preferred exercise in your local area is on the trail then this is a great lightweight walking shoe or light trail shoe for the overweight man.

Dr. Comfort Comfort Scan Mobile App

Dr. Comfort Ranger – Features of Interest

Good Things

Quality Leather Uppers

Good Styling

Excellent Sizes & Widths

Good Cushioning


Designed to Deal with Foot Issues

Can Be Worn Casually


Not So Good Things

Soles a Little On the Thin Side

Velcro Strap Can Get Loose

Best Walking Shoe for Overweight Overpronators

3. Brooks Addiction Walker

Brooks Mens Addiction Walker
Check Size Availability
(As of:2020/07/03 3:56 pm - Details)
View at Your Local Amazon
Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on the Amazon product page at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.
Shoe Specifications
Style:Walking Shoe
Use:Walking & Casual
Sizing:7 – 15 with Half Sizes to 11.5
Widths:Slim to Extra Wide
Cushion:Good & Supportive
Insole:Supportive – Removable

General Features

The Brooks Addiction Walker is unashamedly a walking shoe for overpronators. It's a model that has been stable for well over a decade and has consistently achieved high user recommendations.

The shoe provides excellent arch support to accommodate overpronation and has a BioMoGo DNA midsole that would adapt to the shape of your foot.

Read our Complete Review or continue with the shortened version below.

Read Our Extensive Review or continue with our coverage of the main points below.


Loads of length and width fittings and an excellent lacing enclosure ensures that nearly everyone will be able to find a size to fit.

You may need to choose a width fitting wider than your normal, and a half size longer than normal as the shoe last is fairly small compared to the sizing of other manufacturers.

The toe box and shape of the shoe is good for people with fatter or slightly swollen feet as it has room for your toes to move.

Comfort & Cushioning

This shoe provides excellent support to the whole of your foot. The shoe has a diagonal roll bar in the center of the midsole which prevents the shoe from twisting too much as your foot pronates in the middle of your stride.

This is an excellent addition for most obese men and even if you are not an overpronator it will keep your foot aligned well through your stride.The shoe is designed to fit people with flat to normal arches which will accommodate most overweight men's feet.

The styles available are a little limited but are restrained and so the shoe has some multipurpose use either as a casual sneaker or for your walking exercise.

It comes in a lace-up or alternative Velcro configuration many with configurations.


The Addiction Walker is styled in a restrained sporty way that makes it equally suitable for exercise as it does for walking about at work as long as the dress code is not too rigid.

A great shoe for those who work on their feet all day and need a shoe that offers good support – overweight or not.


Great support of the arch, great cushioning, and a steady motion control shoe for your stability and perfect balance of robustness for a walking shoe for the overweight man.

The Brooks Addiction Walker is one of the best walking shoes for men on the market today for regular walkers. It is a high-quality shoe that WooWalkers recommends.

If you are looking for a Brooks shoe with a more sporty look then the Brooks Adrenaline GTS is a worthy alternative.

Brooks Addiction Walker – Features of Interest

Good Things

Laces or Velcro

Great Leather Uppers

Cushioned and Comfortable

Made for Overpronators

Loads of Width Fittings

Durable Outsole

Not So Good Things

Not the Cheapest

Color Styles Limited

A Bit Heavier than Most

Best Cushioned Shoe for Heavy Walkers

4. Hoka One One Bondi 6

Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on the Amazon product page at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.
Shoe Specifications
Style:Walking & Exercise Shoe
Use:Walking & Casual
Sizing:8 – 14 with Half Sizes to 12.5
Widths:Medium to Extra Wide
Sole:Rubber Extra Cushioned
Insole:Cushioned – Removable

General Features

The Hoka One One Bondi 6, is the most cushioning shoe in this list.

This would be perfect except for the fact that the shoe is a neutral shoe, that is there is no medial strengthening to counter overpronation.

If you are not an overpronator then this shoe is astoundingly comfortable and shock absorbing.


The Bondi 6 comes up a little small so be sure to upsize in both length and width.

However, once you have the right size you will find the shoe fits very well with a good adaptable lacing system to help secure the perfect fit to your instep.

this can be important for overweight users since the instep is an area that can be fuller than the average and therefore needs a lacing system that can accommodate that.

Comfort & Cushioning

The sole has some longitudinal additions which enable the shoe to encourage your foot on the smooth rocking motion and the foam midsole runs full length to ensure the smooth fit with good energy return to put a spring in your step.

There is an internal heel counter to better seat the heel and provide some lateral resistance to flex, and the heel is surrounded with a Lycra insert to up the comfort levels even further.

The shoe has extra padding in all the important places it is a truly plush shoe.

The uppers are an open mesh construction which ensures great breathability through the shoe and allows a little flexibility in fit.

If your feet are slightly swollen or overly fat then you should size up between a half and one full size but otherwise the shoes fit more or less true to size.

The toe box is really spacious to ensure that your toes are from to spread and push off and you should be able to avoid getting blisters or tender patches you suffer from those with normal shoes.

The rubber outsole in the Hoka One One Bondi 6 has been upgraded from the previous model and also adds to the cushioning the shoe generally as well as providing some durability.

The only downside for this shoe from what I've heard is that the medium width shoe is slightly narrow and slightly short compared to other manufacturers.


The shoe looks comfortable and sporty and that is exactly what it delivers.

A classic sporty yet restrained style with an over depth sole that can be worn for exercise or casually and is also suited to casual work.


This should be a great shoe for you if you have a neutral gait and want to avoid pain from blisters and do not need a shoe that has enhanced stability.

If you want a wide fitting Hoka One One shoe with a little bit more stability and are prepared to sacrifice in cushioning then you can go for the Gaviota Leather as an alternative.

It's also available in a wide fitting.

Hoka One One Bondi 6 – Features of Interest

Good Things

Outstanding Cushioning

Outstanding Comfort

Wide Stable Sole

Great Cushioning

Lightweight Design

Multiple Width Fittings

Not So Good Things

Pricey but Good

Last a Little Narrow – Up 1/2 Size & Width

Annoying Tongue

Most Comfortable Walking Exercise Shoe for Overweight Guys

5. ASICS Gel Fortitude

Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on the Amazon product page at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.
Shoe Specifications
Style:Sporty Shoe
Use:Walking Exercise & Casual
Sizing:7 – 14 with Half Sizes to 12.5
Widths:Medium to Wide
Upper:Synthetic & Mesh
Insole:Cushioned – Removable

General Features

The ASICS Gel Fortitude is another super comfortable shoe that is made to a wider last with a roomier fit and specifically designed for overweight males.

ASICS have a technology called I.G.S which stands the impact guidance system technology that helps align the foot through the stride.


With normal and wide fittings up to size 14, most guys should be able to find a length to fit.

If you have very wide feet then the Wide will probably not be wide enough but the shoe will fit the majority of men.

Comfort & Cushioning

The shoe is targeted at the neutral gaited and supinating walker rather than the overpronator.

The rearfoot and forefoot gel technology cushioning system provides excellent shock absorbent's and cushioning to the heel for impact and the toes at push off.

The SpEVA midsole is a very lightweight cushioning material that allows the shoe to be overall lighter than most offerings while still providing enough support in the footbed for a heavier Walker.

The shoe has a rubber sole which provides a good grip for walking outside and a very breathable mesh upper which should provide an excellent fit.

Another good feature of the shoe is the premium sockliner which adds to the christening of the shoe again and also acts to wick away moisture to leave your foot dry after exercise.


The Gel Fortitude is an out and out sporty shoe and is, therefore, less suited to work or casual wear unless that is the desired look.

The shoe looks pretty good but does blend rather into the style that so many sporty shoes adopt and for that reason it is unlikely to stand out in a crowd of its contemporaries.


A good sporty shoe for those who want a shoe specifically for walking exercise or power walking.

With plenty of durability and a robust yet lightweight frame, it will suit the overweight walker without too much issue.

ASICS GEL Technology Video

ASICS Fortitude – Features of Interest

Good Things

Gel Cushioning System

Good Breathability

Good Balance Between Stability & cushioning

I.G.S Guidance System


Not So Good Things

Not Many to Speak of

You Might Want More Cushioning

Best Dress Shoe for Overweight Men

6. Orthofeet Gramercy

Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on the Amazon product page at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.
Shoe Specifications
Style:Formal / Formal Casual Shoe
Use:Work & Casual
Sizing:7 – 14 with Half Sizes to 11.5
Widths:Medium to Extra Wide
Insole:Quality Orthotic – Removable

General Features

The Orthofeet Gramercy is a dress shoe for people who have foot problems and need extra cushioning.

There is a limited number of dress shoes available on the market, but if the casual fit of a sneaker is not possible because of style constraints, then the last thing you want is to be squeezing yourself into shoes that don't fit properly.

The Gramercy has excellent orthotic liners which are removable so you can replace them with your own if you require and are made to a wider last so that your feet have room to spread.


A wide variety of fittings and a good sized toe box should make it easy to find the size you need.

Overweight people sometimes have issues as regular shoes are just overall too small.

The Gramercy is made with a deeper and wider shoe last to give a much better fit for those with bigger feet.

Comfort & Cushioning

The Gramercy has excellent orthotic liners which are removable so you can replace them with your own if you require and are made to a wider last so that your feet have room to spread.

These orthotics will give you the support you need and are robust enough to take the extra forces that your body weight will impose.

The uppers are leather and therefore breathability is obviously less than the knitted uppers of some sneaker type shoes.

The sole provides good cushioning and shock absorbency with plenty of support.


A casually formal style shoe that will fit in at work even if the dress requirements are quite conservative.

Equally good enough to wear as a smart casual shoe for that special date or if you just like to dress up a little more formally than casual.


If you are an overweight Walker and forced to wear dress shoes to work then the Orthofeet Gramercy comfort maybe just the shoe you are looking for all-day wear.

A Step In The Right Direction- Orthofeet Orthotic Shoes

Orthofeet Gramercy – Features of Interest

Good Things

Gait Guidance System

Great Orthotic Brand

Premium Insole

Leather Upper

Good Fit with Space

Removable Insoles & Various Widths

Not So Good Things

Can Take Getting Used To

Not Particularly Durable

Best Work Shoes for Overweight Men

7. Dr. Scholls's Harrington II

Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on the Amazon product page at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.
Shoe Specifications
Style:Walking & Work Shoe
Use:Work & Casual
Sizing:7 – 14 with Half Sizes to 11.5
Widths:Medium to Wide

General Features

Dr. Scholl's Harrington II is an Oxford-style wide fitting lace-up shoe has a very attractive price.

Shoes have laced up leather upper which is stitched to a rubber sole and provide high levels of comfort via their memory foam call fit sockliner.

The shoes are robustly made and provide the right support for the overweight male walker.


Only medium and wide fittings so very wide feet are not really catered for but the sizing is enough to suit the feet of most.

The lacing arrangement does allow for some flexibility around your instep and to accommodate those with a range of instep heights.

Comfort & Cushioning

The soles are oil resistant, slip resistant and good give good grip if you're working on polished or slippery surfaces.

Although the insole is moisture wicking and breathable, and the leather uppers should provide some breathability, once again this cannot compete with a meshed sneaker style shoe.

Nevertheless, if you're walking all day long delivering or working inside where you need a more conventional dress style shoe then this may provide the answer for you.


The Harrington is a shoe that is styled more towards a functional work shoe than one of high fashion.

It is suited also to the rugged casual look and is quite unassuming so there is a range of situations that the shoe would fit into.


Durability is moderate but is matched by the price of the shoe which should otherwise give you good cushioning and comfort throughout its usable life.

Rugged enough to take a bit of punishment and giving good support so suited as a walking shoe for the overweight man.

Dr. Scholls Harrington II – Features of Interest

Good Things

Memory Foam CoolFit

Rubber Anti-Slip Sole

Good Price

Moisture Wicking Insole

Good Comfort

Good Shock Absorbancy

Not So Good Things

Not so Breathable

Limited Features/p>

Possible Durability Issues/p>

Best Wide Walking Shoe for Overweight Men

8. Propet Life Walker Strap

Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on the Amazon product page at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.
Shoe Specifications
Style:Regular Walking Shoe
Use:Casual & Walking
Sizing:7 – 15 with Half Sizes to 11.5
Widths:Medium to Extra Extra Wide

General Features

The Propet Men's Life Walker is easy to wear and suited to all day wear even for heavier men.

Propet is a company that makes shoes for Diabetics who need additional cushioning to their soles to prevent sore points.

But they are not just for diabetics as the special provisions made suit the needs of the overweight and obese walker as well.

Not to mention the point that many overweight and obese men are also Diabetics.


A very wide range of width fittings and lengths up to size 15 will suit just about anyone.

The strap hook & loop fixings will accommodate a wide range of instep heights as well so you can get the optimum fit whatever your foot shape and even if it is a little swollen or fatter than normal.

Comfort & Cushioning

Exercise is the best way to improve your health and control your weight and these shoes give your feet room to do their job whilst the insole cushions them from the heavier forces they are dealing with.

The heels are specially targeted with a contoured heel stabilizer to keep your foot positioned and reduce slippage whilst the Orthoite sock liner wicks away moisture.

Plenty of cushioning and room in the shoe then for the overweight walker and the ability to swap out the orthotics if needs be.


If you need a more formal shoe for work then these are sure to fit the bill. If you want a casual formal shoe then the Life Walker has you covered too.

The styling is traditional and quite plain except for the hook and loop straps which are still the exception rather than the norm.


A good shoe at a good price for the heavier guy who needs a more regular styled shoe for their all day work or just for casual wear.

Propet Life Walker for Men – Features of Interest

Good Things

Easy Fit Velcro Straps

Balanced Cushioning


Leather Uppers

Reasonable Price


Memory Foam Liner

Heel Stabilizer

Not So Good Things

Better Shock Absorbance to be Had

image of shoes ready for walking and question - what is stopping you?
Walking is Excellent Exercise – What's Stopping You?

Finding the best walking shoes for the heavier man

  • Pick a shoe style that matches the style of walking you’ll be doing
  • If you are an overpronator choose a shoe with stability features such as a medial or torsion post in the midsole. Even if you have a neutral gait, additional stability features can be helpful because of the extra forces your feet are handling. This is especially true for tall people.
  • Look for a shoe with plenty of cushioning and shock absorbing features.
  • Avoid minimalist shoes and shoes with thin soles, instead, choose shoes with thicker soles.

Essential Shoe Features for the Heavier Man

Medical image showing effect of overstretched arches
Plantar Fasciitis from Overstressed Arches

The best walking shoes for obese men will need almost all of the following features.


Of all the shoe features, support is the most important for you as an overweight man.

Your arches are taking all your weight mid-stride and 50% of your weight when you are standing.

Your arches flex under your weight which stretches the plantar fascia – a ligament in the sole of your foot.

To reduce the amount of stress on your foot arch and plantar fascia, it is imperative that the shoe effective and proper support to your foot arch particularly.

A problem connected to the flexing of your foot arch is that as the arch flexes it pulls down on the inside edge of your foot, rotating it inwards. This is termed pronation.

If you are overweight, then it is likely that the pronation will be excessive, rotating your foot too far which means it is poorly aligned for the push off.

This excessive pronation is called overpronation, stresses the ankles, throws the leg out of alignment which stresses the knees, hips and on up into your back and neck.

The result is pain!

If your shoes do not have enough support then eventually you are likely to end up with flat feet and quite likely Plantar Fasciitis.


Stability in a shoe is more important for heavier guys than it is if you are the correct weight. Taller people have a higher center of gravity and are therefore less stable.

Every person's foot naturally rotates through the stride as weight is transferred from the heel to the midfoot and then from the midfoot to the balls of your feet and toes.

This rotation causes your foot to swivel from inside to out, then outside in, and then inside out again and so your foot is not stable. Excessive pronation or supination makes this problem worse.

Shoes can help with foot stabilization by having a sole with hardened sections in the midfoot area that essentially reinforce the sole and resist torsional twisting. Much like steel reinforcement in concrete, though that resists tension. So you will see terms like PDRB which stands for Progressive Diagonal Roll Bar which makes the shoe hard to twist and makes your foot more stable as a result.

Motion Control shoes contain the most reinforcement (and less cushioning because the soft nature of cushion allows the foot to roll). These shoes are best for excessive overpronators.

Cushioned or Plush shoes are the opposite, at least so far as the materials allow your foot to sort of wallow like you are walking on clouds which means they have no rotational resistance.

Stability shoes are basically a fudge between motion control and cushioned shoes.

Other shoe features that aid stability (and which are OK for supinators) include sturdy construction, better quality materials for the outsole and midsole, a premium insole that will allow your foot to seat properly and reduce slippage and a well-designed, good quality lacing area.

Comfort & Cushioning

If your shoes are not comfortable then walking will not be much fun.

Which means any shoe you get had better be well cushioned, otherwise you will have no incentive to keep up any walking routine.

Rubbed areas of skin cause blisters and sore patches. Poor shock absorption, lumpy stitching in the sock liner or the insole and shoes that allow the foot to slip around will cause bruised flesh and pain.

With the increased impact forces that your additional weight causes, it is even more important than normal to choose a well cushioned and comfortable shoe.


If you are overweight it is quite likely you will sweat more than the average person and this will include your feet.

Sweaty feet soak the inside of the shoe and insole which causes foot and shoe odor as well as making your foot slippery inside the shoe and generally uncomfortable.

Therefore it’s important that you look for shoes with good breathability and a well-ventilated upper that allows air to flow through the shoe.

Foot liners and insoles that encourage moisture wicking and ventilation are provided the more expensive shoes and are a good feature to look out for.


The Ultimate Guide to Get Fit Easily With Walking Exercise 3
Exercise for Overweight Male Walker That Will Trim Belly Fat

Unfortunately, as an overweight man, the wear and tear that your clothes, especially your shoes, have to cope with are increased which ends up with them not lasting as long as you might hope.

The last thing you want is a shoe that falls apart a month or two after you bought it. For this reason, you need to look for a shoe that is durable and has some substance to it while still being as lightweight as feasible.

It is okay going for a midweight shoe if your walking will be generally measured and you are not power walking up mountains trying to run.

How to start walking when you’re overweight

If you are overweight and intend to start any new exercise regime then you should first consult your doctor. This is especially so if you are very overweight or if you are over 40 years old.

If you have the all clear then it’s quite likely that your doctor suggested walking has an exercise to help you lose weight and lose belly fat.

The most important thing for you to do is not to overdo it on the first day. In fact over the first week. You should make your exercise gentle and measured, walking a little longer each day for a gradual buildup.

It is likely that your respiratory system, circulatory system, and other body systems are not functioning optimally otherwise you wouldn’t be overweight right?

very fat man running will lead to heart attack
If You Are Obese &f You Want To Die Just Start Running like Crazy – Or Be Sensible & Walk

Therefore you need to give your systems a chance to cope with the new you.

Make sure you have a decent pair of shoes that fit you properly, match your activity and help correct any gait issues you may have.

You will probably not be used to looking at nature around you and may find the whole deal rather boring at first.

I promise this will change but in the meantime, you might like to check out the following articles.

Perhaps they will give you some ideas to keep your interest high and encourage you to keep on walking.

I hope the last three words don’t have your mind thinking about Scotch!

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Sources: The College of Podiatry – Footwear, Walking For Health – UK Ramblers Association

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