The Best Women’s Walking Shoes for Bunions

Bunions can be quite painful, and they can prevent you from doing things that you enjoy. Bunions (also called "Hallux Valgus") form when the bones of the foot near the big toe deviate from their normal position. This results in swelling. Not only does the swelling cause pain, but it also results in a visible lump on the inside of the foot, near the big toe.

The problems caused by bunions can be quite serious. In fact, there are some cases when surgery may even be needed to correct the problem! In other cases, it could be necessary to wear a brace. Bunions can cause a significant amount of disruption to your life.

In the worst cases, they can be truly physically disabling. This can prevent you from being able to work out or do any significant physical activity. In the most severe cases, bunions could even prevent you from being able to walk without severe pain.

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Hallux Valgus Causes


However, it is possible to take steps to prevent them from worsening. Many medical professionals believe that they form as a result of wearing shoes that do not fit properly.

While this theory has never been proven, there is strong evidence for it. In cultures that do not wear shoes, there is no evidence of bunions.

This means that if you already have bunions, you may be able to prevent them from worsening by wearing better fitting footwear.

In fact, wearing footwear that is more bunion friendly could possibly even prevent hallux valgus from becoming significantly worse over the course of time.

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The Best Walking Shoes For Bunion Sufferers

While there are a number of great shoes for bunion sufferers, the three women's shoes on this list are some of the best to pick. In addition, they are conveniently available online at an affordable price. Not only are they more bunion friendly, but they also look quite stylish!

Also, if you are a bunion sufferer, there are some shoes that may be covered by insurance. There is one shoe on this list that is actually covered by Medicare and Medicaid. Additionally, all of the shoes on this list are sold on Amazon, which means that finding them is a breeze!

Asics GEL-Tech Walker Neo 4


These shoes have been sold well on Amazon with a rating of 4.4 out of five stars. They are lightweight, breathable, and quite comfortable to wear.

In addition, they are available for a reasonable price on Amazon. They also generally fit as expected.

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There also were some that said they had a tendency to fall apart fairly quickly. Although, the lower cost of these shoes compared to the others may partially or fully make up for this problem, if it even occurs.

Brooks Addiction Walker


These shoes are really quite stylish, in addition to being bunion friendly.

They are available in black and white, in addition to a color referred to as bone.

These shoes have a synthetic sole, and they have been reported by more than 80 percent of the customers as fitting as expected.

In addition, they have comfortable insoles.

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The shoes are quite expensive compared to most pairs of sneakers. In addition, there are some people that have said that they lack traction. Some have also said that they didn't fit properly, either because they were too large or too small.

New Balance W1540V2


These shoes have a much more distinctive look than the other two on the list.

Additionally, some bunion sufferers may be able to get the cost of them reimbursed by medicare or medicaid.

They also have a very high degree of support, using technologies to reduce bunion severity.


If your insurance does not reimburse you for these bunion friendly shoes, they are the most expensive on this list. In fact, they are around 150 dollars to purchase out of pocket, which is 50 dollars more than the starting price of Brook's Balance Addiction Walker.

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