Walking Shoes for Overweight Women – The Top 5

Being overweight may cause you to have uncomfortable perceptions about your appearance, but excess weight can have consequences far beyond just how you look. Hauling around more pounds than deemed healthy for your ideal body weight can create problems. Some of these issues may take time to show up, while others crop up quicker than you might expect.

When you are carrying a few too many pounds with you, it’s important to make sure you have the right kind of footwear. In this article we’ll show you what you need to know when choosing the right kind of walking shoes for overweight men.

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Medical Issues

Medical evidence has shown that being overweight for lengthy periods can actually have severe health consequences. Your joints are designed to support an optimal weight and when they have to cushion excessive pounds, they deteriorate (see article “Footwear for knee pain“).

Fatty tissue surrounds your heart muscle and other organs to compromise their ability to function properly. Obese people are prone to hypertension, diabetes, plus a host of other debilitating medical problems.

Increased Activity is the Key

Increased physical activity is a recommended solution for reducing weight, but you need to be cautious of creating more problems. In an attempt to remove excess pounds, people often damage joints, cause foot problems, or other injuries. If you injure yourself, your ability to be active is automatically going to be compromised.

One of the best ways to increase activity and lose weight is to walk. However, you need to take care of your joints. That starts with having the right pair of walking shoes. Here are four excellent shoe models for men to wear, which will help prevent problems and injuries.

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Good Shoes for Overweight Men

These models have a good amount of cushioning and a wide toe box:

Skechers Sport Afterburn Strike

One of the most important features you should look for in a quality walking shoe when you’re overweight is cushioning. A poorly cushioned shoe will cause a shock effect to your joints every step you take. The Skechers Sport Men’s Afterburn has an Articu-Lyte midsole that provides outstanding shock absorption.

Combined with the Skechers foam memory insole, the shoe hugs your foot to give you the assurance of stability with every step. This shoe has a flexible rubber sole for foot comfort, plus traction grip that will allow you to walk safely on any surface.

Rockport Men's M7100

Rockport has an outstanding reputation in walking footwear. The M7100 reinforces that reputation. It provides a stylish look that you can coordinate with about any wardrobe to make this shoe a flexible option for any occasion.

The rounded toe is excellent for walkers who experience toe drag issues that may make them prone to tripping. The M7100 is one of the top ten rated men's walking shoes, in part because of extra padding in the tongue for improved walking comfort.

New Balance Men's 623v3

New Balance Women's WX623v3
$69.95 (USD)
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New Balance has designed another outstanding fitness shoe. The Men's 623v3 is one of the best-cushioned walking shoes on the market. It has such excellent cushioning and stability that it can be a shoe that grows as you expand your fitness objectives.

This shoe also rates as a training shoe, meaning it provides adequate cushion and support for a light jog. With an Ethyl Vinyl Acetate (EVA) foam footbed, the 623v3 is an excellent all-purpose shoe. The shoe is so well thought of in the medical profession, it may be eligible for a Medicare reimbursement.

New Balance Women's WW411V2

New Balance has another quality shoe you can consider, and like the Rockport, sports a stylish design allowing it to be a flexible part of your daily attire. The WW411V2 has a wider middle than some walking shoes, so it's excellent for men with a wider foot. The shock absorption attributes are tremendous, with a firm sole to cushion your step.

People who have a higher than normal arch, will appreciate the inner sole stability of the WW411V2. They have an extra heavy cushion designed sole so you can walk farther without experiencing foot pain.

If you're overweight, removing those excess pounds is critical. To do that you need to increase your activity. Walking is a safe and enjoyable way to accomplish that. However, you need to make certain you walk with a shoe that offers adequate support. These four men's walking shoes are excellent options to get you walking towards better health.

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