Good Waterproof Walking Shoes for Men

Waterproof walking shoes are a great piece of equipment for hikers and fitness walkers. You need to remember that it is much easier to take a hike or a walk with water-resistant shoes when you are in the rain. The wet ground is really hard to deal with in regular walking shoes because they are not made for the rain or water, and you can walk a lot more comfortable as your feet don't get wet.

You need to have a good idea of what you are looking for in a waterproof shoe, and you need to know what it is supposed to do.

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Important Features

You need to get a model that has all the comforts of a normal pair of shoes even though it is waterproof. You cannot give up your comfort just to get a pair that will be resistant to water, and you need to make sure that you have taken steps to find something that has a nice outsole, more padding and good laces.

different shoe models on floor

Good laces that are not too thin will not constrict your feet, and the outsole has to be heavy enough that you do not feel every bump in the ground when you walk.

The padding has to be nice enough to absorb impact, but it cannot be so soft that it is like you are walking a bed.

The profile of the sole depends on the surface you're walking on. When you're often walking on concrete you should choose a model with a low profile as the slippery ground isn't much of a problem on firm flooring.

Hikers and trail walkers need to buy a pair with a high profile as they need more grip on muddy terrain (especially when it's wet).

For the rain protection, it's important that the model is equipped with a breathable membrane like Gore-Tex for example. Too much waterproofness will hinder you feet from breathing and moisture will stay in the shoes. That's why you need to keep an eye out for materials which can breathe.

Note: If you're suffering from a foot condition you might need a special pair of shoes. I've written several shoe buying guides on problem feet (shoes for flat feet, supination, high arches and overpronation), you can find a list of all our reviews for shoes for specific problems here.

Don't forget: Finding the perfect balance between the features above will help a lot!

Waterproof Men's Shoes (for walking)

Here are two short reviews of men's walking sneakers you'll have no problems with walking in rainy weather:

Merrell Moab Rover

The Merrell Moab River is the final word in comfort for your feet when you need to hike in the wet. You can cross a river in these shoes, or they will work just as well when you are trying to walk downtown in them.

They just look like a rugged pair of shoes that you can wear with your jeans, or they will hold up on that week-long hike that you take across the Cumberland Gap.

Think of Merrell as the only company that can give you rugged style and substance in one shoe.

Rockport Men’s Rocksports Lite

Rockport has been famous for its comfortable footwear forever, and they are branching out into places that they have never been before.

They are trying to capture as much of the public as they can with their shoes, and they are looking at ways to make their shoes hipper. The Rocsports lite is a great walking shoe that is waterproof.

It is not a rugged hiker like the Merrell, but it is still a great shoe when you want to be a little more hip as you walk.

You can get these shoes wet, but they are nicer than some other shoes you might wear for walking. Rockport keeps you comfortable and takes you into town at the same time.

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