What are the Best Women’s Walking Shoes for High Arches?

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When you come back from your regular morning or evening walks, do you generally feel a stinging pain in your lower calves and back? Does the pain persist for longer than it should? Do you feel that pain every time you take a step while walking down the road?

There is a very good chance that you might be wearing the wrong kind of shoe. If you have the type of feet that require extra attention due to their uncommon shape, then you should take out the time to consult a podiatrist and understand what type of shoe will give your feet the comfort it needs and deserves!

This article will help you find the best walking shoes for high arches.

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How to Choose the Best Walking Shoes with High Arch Support?

cavus foot
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Walking shoes come in a huge variety of shapes and sizes. Choosing one from the limitless options can be a daunting task for anybody. However, when you know exactly what type of feet you were born with, then half your job is done.

All you need to do is try out the different options amongst the shoes that are particularly manufactured for your type of feet and do a test-walk in them. Voila! You have got the perfect walking shoe for yourself.


So what type of feet are the most problematic? Well there are many. But probably the most significantly troublesome foot is the one with a higher than normal arch between the heel and the fore-foot.

high arch wet paper
A foot print of a high arched foot

This type of high arched foot is also known as the ‘cavus foot’. Cavus foot is a rare type of foot shape, with a higher probability of occurring in women than men.

Some common symptoms that are indicative of having a cavus foot are:

  1. Your heels pain a lot more when you walk a considerable distance.
  2. The front portion of your foot is always stressed.
  3. The mid-sole is cupped inside (like a concave surface) and your footprints show two separate parts (the front part and the heel).

If you are one amongst the rare group of people who suffer from a cavus foot, then the normal walking shoes that are generally sold in malls might give you a very hard time indeed.

Walking in the normal walking-shoes will give you a horrible heel-pain to begin with. Your heels will always be under a lot of extra stress and pressure.

Also, in the long run, the wrong footwear will probably give you an awkward gait that is very hard to correct. It might also create issues with your spinal cord and result in chronic back-pain.

So, instead of running to a doctor for all the above reasons, isn’t it far better to opt for the right shoe while there is still time?


walking shoes with bottle

If you have been doing your homework on how to solve the problem of your poor high-arched feet, then you might have come across many temporary solutions already that can be done without investing in a new pair of shoes. These can be any of the following:

  • Fixing a good quality insole into your existing pair of walking shoes.
  • Going for regular physiotherapy to combat the pain.
  • Walking in a particular manner to correct your gait according to the shoes you wear.

While these may give you temporary relief from your walking woes, none of these present a permanent solution to your suffering feet.

High arched feet problems are connected to supination and need to be treated with a lot of insight and care for a permanent cure.

The best and possibly, permanent solution to all your feet problems is getting hold of a pair of walking shoes that are specially manufactured for the high-arched feet (they are often called “cushioning shoes”).

Here's an easy and effective way to get more mobility for a high arched foot:


So what do these shoes offer your feet that other shoes do not? Let us break the benefits down into a few explicit points:

Although these shoes are a bit on the costlier side, it is worth every penny that you invest on a high-quality high-arch walking shoe for your type of feet. Not only will that save you many further visits to the doctor, it will also help you enjoy your regular morning walks and let you live a pain-free life.

Here’s a list of the three best shoes for high arches that are currently available in the market:

1. New Balance 1865v1

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This particular model from the house of world-renowned athletic-shoes manufacturer New Balance, comes with the reputation of making you feel like you are ‘walking on air’.

These customized shoes which are specially manufactured for people with abnormal feet structures (like high-arched feet), are fitted with a Revlite mid-sole to support the arch perfectly while you go for long walks. Not only that, the New Balance 1865v1 comes with special ground-contact ethylene vinyl acetate outsole to prevent wear and tear and make them last as long as your feet.

These shoes also come with a special Fantomfit technology that makes you feel like you are walking barefoot! Super-light and ultra-comfortable, these shoes are slightly costlier than the others on this list but are worth the investment.

New Balance 665

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These shoes are perfect for those who are looking to correct their gait after years of walking in the wrong shoes. The New Balance 665 comes with the reputed Walking Strike Path technology which helps in gait correction and encourages a proper walking posture.

The shoes are fitted with breathable mesh that prevents stinky feet and minimizes sweat-formation while you go for a walk or a light jog. The padded tongue and cushioned collar gives your feet the comfort it deserves for holding you up! The shock-absorbing ABSORB technology that New Balance shoes are famous for, is what makes these shoes the perfect choice for people with high arched feet.

The outsole is made with superior quality rubber and makes these shoes last forever. Priced at a fraction of the other two shoes on the list, these shoes are quite affordable and are the most economical option for those running on a tight budget.

Stop waiting for your feet to give in and go get a pair of the right walking shoe for your feet. When your feet are happy, you will walk your way to success much faster!

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